You Won’t Believe Your Eyes: Watch as an Albino Rattlesnake Issues a Deadly Warning

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Written by Kirstin Harrington

Updated: October 20, 2023

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Real albinism is a rare occurrence in the wild. Some claim that it only happens once per 100,000 births in wild animals. Others assert that it is one in a million times rarer. It’s a sight to behold if you’ve never seen an albino rattlesnake!

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JayPrehistoricPets is a popular Youtube channel with nearly four million subscribers. This channel is well known for allowing viewers in person and online to get up close and personal with all types of prehistoric animals. 

Prehistoric Pets is run by Jay Brewer in Fountain Valley, California. Instead of merely being a pet store where lizards and snakes are sold, Brewer has transformed his establishment into a more engaging, informative party venue for kids.

In one of JPP’s recent Youtube Shorts, Jay Brewer is seen in the distance as a gorgeous curled-up albino rattlesnake shows signs of defense towards the cameraman. These venomous serpents warn outsiders when they get too close by altering the frequency of their rattle. 

Normally, the Western Diamondback rattlesnake is brown with bands of black and white on its tail and diamond-shaped patterns along its back. Because they can’t fit in with their environment, albino Western Diamondback rattlesnakes are more susceptible to possible predators.

One of nature’s most spine-tingling sounds is the rattlesnake’s grumbling ch-ch-ch warning cry, which indicates that you’ve gotten too close if you can hear it. While the sound is scary, the snake is kind enough to tell you to back off and get away from them. 

If you notice the warning rattle, leave the area without making any abrupt or intimidating moves in the snake’s direction. Back away slowly and be mindful of where you’re stepping in case more snakes are in the area. Keep in mind that rattlesnakes don’t always rattle before biting.

Jay mentions in the video below that most people who get bit by these unique animals often have it coming. Whether they’re throwing rocks at the snake or abusing it in some other way, these intentional acts of disturbance can guarantee an attack. 

As long as they aren’t agitated, rattlesnakes usually stay out of people’s personal space. Rattlesnake bites are uncommon, and a person’s response to the bite determines how severe it is. An individual who was struck by a rattlesnake usually recovers completely after receiving medical attention.

Check out the incredible video of the rare serpent below. While you’re at it, take a look at the wide variety of content Jay offers on his Youtube channel. There are clips of snakes, alligators, spiders, and more creepy crawlers. 

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