Zoom In! Can You Spot the Snow Leopard Hiding in Plain Sight?

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: December 14, 2022
© Dean Drobot/Shutterstock.com
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The snow leopard in this next clip is a master at the game of hide-and-seek. It doesn’t even have to hide to disappear — he’s in plain sight throughout the clip and yet you won’t be able to spot him. The video starts with a question, “Can you spot the animal?”

Then, it continues with instructions to pause the video and see just how long it takes you to identify where the snow leopard is. If you don’t pause the video, it gives you a full minute to scan the scene. Then it gives you a short countdown and it displays an image of a rocky mountainside.

There’s a little timer on the bottom left of the screen that adds a touch of pressure as you look. Dart your eyes back and forth; there will be instances when you think you’ve spotted something but the harder you look, the more you realize your brain is playing tricks on you.

Snow leopard rests against rocks, slightly camouflaged
Snow leopard rests against rocks. It’s camouflaged, much like the snow leopard in the video.


Watch this in full-screen view to increase your chances of finding the snow leopard. Once the minute is up, a squealing warthog appears on the screen. Keep your volume low unless you enjoy jump scares! Immediately after the warthog, the video reminds you you’ve been looking for a snow leopard.

A white arrow appears, pointing at the exact location of the snow leopard. Then, the video zooms in and a white circle appears around the big cat. The video is helpful because even as you’re looking straight at it, it takes a minute for your eyes to spot it and your brain to register its shape.

The snow leopard is casually lounging, surrounded by dry brush and rocky terrain. The video ends with a “Thanks for playing!” message. If you read through some of the comments, you see you’re not the only one who stared for a straight minute and saw nothing!

In this environment, the snow leopard fits right in. Its fur is a spotted, white-grey color that blends in with the dry brush and rocks surrounding it. This mountainous terrain is the place it calls home. Snow leopards live in high-altitude environments. Since they have long hind legs, they’re able to remain agile, even when traversing steep cliffs and rugged terrain.

Although part of the big cat family, snow leopards can’t roar. They make more of a piercing yowl sound. Their markings aren’t as distinctive as other big cats, like tigers and jaguars. This is what allows them to blend into their environment so well, and disappear in plain sight.

Take part of this impossible game of hide and seek as you try to spot the snow leopard.

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Woman in red dress and orange background looks forward with a magnifying glass against her eye
Woman in red dress and orange background looks forward with a magnifying glass against her eye
© Dean Drobot/Shutterstock.com

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