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European Palm Oil Legislation

Did you know that under current European Legislation, there is no real control over the palm oil industry at all!

At the moment, companies are allowed to label palm oil as 'vegetable oil' on their packaging.

This is disgusting. How we can still be mislead in this day and age is ridiculous and it needs to end. It isn't fair that those people who want to make a stand against the destructive nature of the palm oil industry, are immediately stopped in their tracks as you have no idea what products may actually contain palm oil. This needs to change.

We want the EU to deem it illegal for companies to mislead consumers by claiming that their products contain vegetable oil, when it is actually palm oil. Palm oil is palm oil, and it should be clearly recognised in its own right as every other ingredient is.

There are currently no laws that prevent companies from purchasing their palm oil from illegal sources.

Again, what on earth is going on? If this was any other trade then there wouldn't be this issue but because palm oil has to be grown close to the Equator thousands of miles away, no-one really seems to care about the effect that they are directly having on vulnerable eco-systems around the world. Due to enormous initiatives, more and more palm oil is being produced in a sustainable way, but why is there still such a problem? Well, according to a WWF press release, more than a million tonnes of sustainable palm oil had been produced as of March 2009, but only 15,000 tonnes of it (that's only 1%) had actually been sold. Money, money, money. Are we really willing to destroy vast areas of some of the world's richest and diverse habitats in order to safe a few pennies on lipstick and biscuits, items that we don't really need anyway? Most companies don't even know where their palm oil comes from, let alone whether or not it's been produced in a sustainable way.

We want the EU to ensure that all companies have to buy their palm oil from a certified sustainable source, that is clearly stated on the product packaging.

Save the rainforest. Save the orang-utan. Save the world. Sign our petition today!

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