Best Dog Boots: Reviewed for 2021

Published: November 18, 2021

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Dog boots are cute, but they’re more than fancy footwear. They make it safer for your dog to walk on rough terrain or in harsh weather. These durable booties are available in all dog sizes, and most feature adjustable straps for a good fit. Which are the best booties for your pup? We’ve chosen four that should work for most dogs.

Verified Review: Our Hands-On Experience

Our testers were happy to try dog boots on their pups. We chose about a dozen brands, and we put them through their paces. One of our top requirements was boots that stay on in all types of weather, even when wet.

Our reviewers tested these boots on outdoor pavement, hiking trails, snow, and back yards.

It was hard to pick the “best overall” because each of the tested brands had advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the Kurgo Blaze shoes were great for all conditions except heavy rainfall, and they were also pricey. The Ruffwear boots were lightweight and breathable, but the design wouldn’t work for all dog paws.

The Arcicidou boots did an excellent job for a low price, but they weren’t as durable as the other brands. The Pupteck anti-slip dog boots were affordable and comfortable, but they weren’t right for hot pavement or rough terrain.

If you look at each description, you’re sure to find the dog boots that are perfect for your pup.

Best Dog Boots: Our Top 4 Products

Kurgo Blaze Cross Dog Shoes, Winter Boots for Dogs, All Season Paw Protectors, Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement, Dog Snow Boots, Water Resistant, Reflective, No Slip, Chili Red/Black (Medium)
  • All season dog boots: these dog shoes can be used for every season; They can be used for summer to protect paws from hot pavements and can be used in winter to protect from ice and snow; also protects paws from uneven terrain and thorns when camping or hiking
  • Reflective and lightweight: Adjustable Paw protectors are reflective for visibility in low light; doggy shoes are lightweight and have an ergonomic design; made of tight weave breathable mesh for ventilation; dog boots are adjustable for a custom fit so boots don't fall off when in motion
  • Water-resistant dog shoes: dog paw boots are water resistant so they can be used in light rain and in the snow and on ice; ripstop leather upper, and sole that is designed to mimic the structure of dog's paws
  • How to size: set of 4 shoes included; for best fit, Dog must be standing on a ruler to measure; Measure at the widest part of Paw; we do not recommend measuring dog while he/she is lying down; refer to Kurgo size chart in images

These shoes have many features you want in dog boots. Made of lightweight, durable leather, they are tough enough to protect your dog against rain and snow. Designed to mimic the shape of a dog’s paws, they allow full movement with breathable nylon mesh.

While these were among the higher-priced dog boots, our testers agreed they were high quality and excellent for hiking or camping. They are made in America by Kurgo, which is known for its well-made outdoor dog gear.

One disadvantage of these is they’re not designed for heavy downpours. These boots are water-resistant, but they’re not waterproof.

  • Reflective patches.
  • Durable material protects against heat, snow, ice and light rain.
  • Breathable mesh panels.
  • Thick soles with good grip.
  • Water-resistant but not waterproof.
  • Lifetime warranty.

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RUFFWEAR, Grip Trex Outdoor Dog Boots with Rubber Soles for Hiking and Running, Obsidian Black, 2.0 in (2 Boots)
  • Trail-ready boots: Protect their paws from whatever the trail throws at you; These boots are ideal for backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, trail running, and any other outdoor adventures
  • Rugged outsole: Vibram non-marking outsoles with rugged lug design give them traction and flexibility so they can tackle any terrain without breaking their stride
  • Breathable mesh: Made with tightly woven air mesh that keeps dirt and debris out while staying comfortable and ventilated all day long
  • Secure fit: Designed with a wide opening that makes it easy to put boots on; A reliable hook-and-loop cinch closure system ensures a snug, secure fit on all paws
  • Reflective trim: Low-light visibility with reflective trim to traverse the evenings and early mornings safely; For extra visibility, pair with reflective Ruffwear collars, leashes, and Beacon light

Designed for hiking and trail running, these dog booties have a slim, snug fit. The secure hook-and-loop closure means these are boots that stay on when moving through any terrain. Our testers like the solid rubber soles, which gave these shoes excellent grip. Breathable mesh panels help your dog’s feet stay cool, even on a long trek.

Some testers found that these dog boots didn’t fit their pet’s paws as comfortably as some other brands. Try them on before you take them on a trip.

  • Reflective trim.
  • Lightweight, waterproof material.
  • Vibram outsole for secure grip.
  • Slim, snug fit for running.
  • Come in blue, black or red.

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#3: Best Affordable Option —Arcicidou Paw Protector Dog Boots

ARCICIDOU Dog Boots Shoes for Large Dog, Paw Protector Boots with Non-Slip Rubber Sole and Anti Falling Design, Waterproof Dog Boots Adjustable & Reflective Straps and Household 4PCS 1 Set Easy on.
  • 【Outdoor Activity Friendly】 Our boots have a sturdy and strong rubber sole that is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking and daily walking. It protects your dog's paws from cutting, hot pavement, and a snowy route.
  • 【Breathable and Water-proof material】To keep dirt and debris out, the waterproof leather is tightly bonded to the breathable cloth. Our dog boots are dirt resistant, easy to clean.
  • 【Adjustable & Reflective straps】 The dog boots include a fully adjustable magic strap that is easy to put on and take off while also preventing sliding.
  • 【Cute & Fashionable design】 Leopard Print Dog Boots make your dog stylish and adorable.
  • 【Dual Purchase Protection】Unless for any cause you aren't fulfilled, contact us for 100% Money Back! For size inquire please contact us directly through Q&A below, we will come back to you soon.

These dog booties feature a cute animal pattern and soft inner lining. Made from durable, waterproof vinyl, they have a thick, non-slip sole. Our testers liked the adorable design. They also liked how easy it was to put these on. These shoes have reflective straps and offer full protection for the dog’s paws. These were comfortable for most dogs who tried them, and they are an excellent choice for everyday protection.

  • Reflective strap.
  • Anti-slip sole with extra grip.
  • Adjustable Velcro closure.
  • Waterproof.
  • Cute pattern.

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PUPTECK Anti Slip Boots for Dogs - Dog Socks for Medium and Large Dogs with Reflective Strap Traction Control for Hardwood Floors, Indoor Paw Protector, Waterproof Dog Shoes
  • Size: L: Sock Opening Width: 2.2" Length: 5.9" Foot Width: 1.8". Please measure your pet's foot size and choose the suitable size before purchase.
  • Soft Knitted Fabric. The overall fabric uses a relatively soft knitted fabric, and also has relatively good elasticity. On the one hand, it is easier to put on and take off, and on the other hand, it brings a more comfortable feeling.
  • Easy to Fix. Each sock comes with a black elastic magic tape, which can help fix it more firmly. Even if the dog has a large amount of activity and jumps up and down, the socks are not easy to fall off.
  • Safe Reflection. The magic tape on the socks has the function of night reflection. You can clearly find the location of your pet at night, you can sleep peacefully, and you will not accidentally hurt it because you can't find your pet.
  • Waterproof Bottom. The bottom of the socks is designed to be waterproof, so that water cannot penetrate into the socks and will not make the dog's paws wet and feel uncomfortable. In addition, it also has a certain degree of stain resistance, making it easier to wash.

These dog booties are like thick socks with a non-slip bottom. Our testers liked the soft fabric, which was comfortable for all the dogs who tried these. While not as rugged as the other dog boots on our list, these supplied good protection against wetness and rough surfaces. The socks stayed on well and were excellent for walking almost anywhere. An elastic tape and detachable strap help these dog boots fit almost any paw.

  • Soft, knitted fabric.
  • Reflective tape.
  • Adjustable elastic.
  • Waterproof bottom.
  • May not protect against hot pavement.

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How To Use Dog Boots

Are you ready to buy a pair of booties for your dog? Follow our handy guide.

When Should You Use Dog Boots?

If it’s cold enough for you to wear a hat, gloves, and heavy boots, it’s cold enough for your dog to bundle up in booties. You should let your dog wear boots on hot surfaces, when hiking, or when walking on ice melt. In short, put dog boots on any time your dog’s feet might need protection.

When To Not Use Dog Boots

Our testers found that dog boots aren’t suitable for running right away. They must fit well, and it’s important to build up your dog’s tolerance for them slowly. They found that using the booties to run, especially in wet weather, caused painful rubbing. This is important to remember if you’re looking for working dog boots. Dogs that need to run and herd may need time to get used to wearing shoes.

Regular walking or hiking in dog boots is fine, but avoid running until your dog is fully comfortable wearing the booties. You might consider letting your dog wear a soft sock to add more cushioning.

How To Put Dog Boots on Your Dog

Once you’ve bought the perfect pair of dog booties, how do you put them on? Some dogs are happy to wear anything you put on them, but others are a little more skeptical about the whole idea. Here are some ideas to help you turn your pooch into a fashion plate.

To put dog boots on a standing dog:

  • Straddle your dog, and hold her securely with your legs.
  • Lift one front paw, and put the boot on.
  • Repeat this with the second front paw.
  • Repeat this process with the back paws.
  • Place all the dog boots on before fastening them.
  • Once they’re all on, fasten each boot with the strap or closure.

If your dog is lying down:

  • Pull one of your dog’s paws onto your lap, and hold it firmly.
  • Place the dog boot on the paw, but don’t secure it.
  • Repeat this with all the booties.
  • Once each boot is on, secure it with the adjustable fastener.

Do you need more help with this process? This video from Top Dog Tips will show you how to do it.

What Are Dog Boots Used For?

You may be surprised to learn that a dog needs paw protection. Doesn’t a dog have natural protection from outdoor conditions? He does, but the outdoor world can still offer a lot of dangers to dogs. Here are some situations where dog boots are a good idea.

For Hot Pavement

If it’s searing outside, the pavement can get dangerously hot. Booties will protect your dog’s sensitive footpads and prevent burning. The best dog boots for hot pavement have breathable materials and thick bottoms.

For Rain

Outdoor activities are fun, but they can be risky for dogs. Protect his paws from thorns, rocks, and slippery streets. Dog boots for rain can prevent these dangers. Waterproof boots with reflective features are a good idea, especially for evening and early morning walks.

For Snow

Protect your puppy with dog booties that protect her feet from ice and snow. Look for waterproof dog boots with soles that grip. A warm inner lining is another good choice for snow boots.

For Ice

Protect your dog’s paws from ice melt and ice salt. These substances are common in the winter, but they can be dangerous for dogs. It’s also a bad idea to track them into your home because they can damage your floors. Dog boots protect your dog and your home.

For Hiking and Camping

Your buddy will be ready for hiking and camping with waterproof dog boots. Look for boots designed for outdoor use that stay on in all conditions. They should have thick soles that grip.

For Older Dogs

As dogs get older, their paws can get thin. Some older dogs are prone to arthritis, hip problems, and other conditions. Help those dogs with booties that provide extra support and cushioning.

For Working Dogs

Working dog boots are a necessity for dogs who work on farms or city streets. These include hunting dogs, sled dogs, herding dogs, and other hardworking pooches. These dogs need durable shoes that stay on and protect them from rocks, broken glass, sharp wires, and other dangers.

For Muddy Yards

When your dog plays in the mud, he brings all that dirt into your house. Dog booties keep the mud outside. Your house and your dog will stay cleaner with the right dog boots.

Shake Your Dog Booties

Choosing dog boots for your pup doesn’t have to be difficult. Look for waterproof materials, reflective elements, and a sole with a good grip. These boots come in all sizes, so your dog can be ready to join you on all your outdoor adventures.

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Best Dog Boots: Reviewed for 2021 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is it okay to put boots on a dog?

It’s not only okay, it’s an excellent way to protect your dog from cold, heat or dangerous, rough ground. All dogs who go outside can benefit from wearing dog boots.

Do vets recommend boots for dogs?

Yes, they do. According to a veterinarian quoted on the website Vet Street, “Booties are most important for sled dogs running long distances, dogs walking on surfaces covered with salt or ice melt, which can be toxic, and dogs with hairy paws that collect snowballs.”

What Kind of Boots Should I Get for My Dog?

The answer depends on what kind of outdoor activity your dog enjoys. For walks or backyard play, the Pupteck anti-slip boots or Arcicidou boots are excellent, affordable options. If you want working-dog boots or dog boots for rough terrain, choose the Kurgo Blaze or the Ruffwear.

Shake Your Dog Booties

Choosing dog boots for your pup doesn’t have to be difficult. Look for waterproof materials, reflective elements, and a sole with a good grip. These boots come in all sizes, so your dog can be ready to join you on all your outdoor adventures.

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