Best Dog Clippers (For Grooming): Reviewed for 2021

Published: November 19, 2021

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Grooming is part of owning a dog, especially if you have a longhaired dog. All dogs may need a haircut once in a while, but regularly visiting a professional groomer can be expensive. Dog clippers for home use are available, and they can help you save time and money.

Verified Review: Our Hands-On Experience

Our reviewers had varying levels of experience with dog grooming products for home use. Some were used to trimming and cutting their dogs, and others had never used dog clippers. They helped us decide which trimmers had the features that made this chore as easy as possible.

Our top choice was the Wahl Lithium, a cordless clipper that worked on every breed our testers tried. They had high praise for the Neatbot P1, which cleans while it grooms. The only downside to this vacuum groomer is that it may not have suction powerful enough for larger dogs with long hair. The Oster A5 impressed our testers with its quality and power, but it may be too powerful for small dogs or those with short hair.

Finally, since our top dog clippers were on the pricey side, we picked a fourth, budget-friendly option. The Yabife Cordless Dog Grooming Kit is an excellent value for its low price.

Best Dog Clippers: Our Top 4 Choices

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers – Rechargeable, Quiet, Low Noise, Heavy-Duty, Electric Dog & Cat Grooming Kit for Small & Large Breeds with Thick to Heavy Coats – Model 9766,Black and Silver
  • 2 Hour Run Time - Allows for multiple grooming sessions with your pet before needing a recharge; wireless operation provides exceptional power & doesn't sacrifice on power
  • Quick Charging – Equipped with 15 minute quick charge for instant power, 3-5-hours for a full charge; lithium-ion battery holds charge for up to a year without any memory issues. Powerful, quiet motor
  • Self-Sharpening Precision Blades – Provide snag-free cutting, our high-carbon blades remain sharp for smooth grooming that creates a pleasant experience for your pet; Pro quality at home means less trips to the professional dog groomer
  • Add to Cart - Easy, cost-effective dog grooming at home. Low-noise for stress free grooming. Handles all fur up to double coats for large breeds and small dogs. Save time and money doing it yourself.
  • Made in the USA - Our clippers are made from domestic & imported parts; Wahl pet Grooming kits are the brand of choice for those who seek high-quality, long-lasting pet grooming electric clipping & trimming machines

This heavy-duty clipper set impressed our reviewers with its quality build and ability to trim dogs of any size. Powered by a lithium battery, this cordless clipper will run for two hours once it’s charged. It easily shears dense, long fur from any dog. One of its best features is the set of color-coded combs that help you find the right coat length for each dog.

Our reviewers said this hair trimmer was powerful and easy to use. Some of them said using it without the safety guard was much easier, but others liked using the guard to avoid nicks. You’ll have to decide which method is better for your pets.

The complete kit comes with a pair of scissors, charging cord, detangling comb, safety guard, guide combs, and carrying case.

  • Cordless, battery-powered operation.
  • Complete kit includes guide combs, scissors, charging cord, detangling comb and carrying case.
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Works on all dog breeds and sizes.
  • Replacement blades available.

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neabot P1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit & Vacuum Suction 99% Pet Hair, Professional Grooming Clippers with 5 Proven Grooming Tools for Dogs Cats and Other Animals
  • 【All-in-one Professional Grooming】This pet grooming clippers come with 5 proven tools: Grooming brush and DeShedding brush to help prevent damaging the topcoat whilst promoting a soft, smooth, healthier skin & coat for your pet; Electric clipper provides excellent cutting performance; Nozzle head and Cleaning brush can be used for collecting pet hair falling on the carpet, sofa and floor.
  • 【Vaccumable Pet Grooming Kit】: Traditional home grooming tools bring about a lot of mess and hair in the home. But our P1 Pro grooming kit with vacuum function collects 99% of pet hair into a vacuum container while trimming and brushing hair, which can keep your home clean, and there’s no more tangled hair and no more piles of fur spreading all over the house.
  • 【4 Comfort Guard Combs】: The adjustable clipping comb(6mm/12mm/18mm/24mm) is applicable for clipping hair of different lengths. The detachable guide combs are made for quick, easy comb changes and increased versatility.
  • 【Low Noise Design】: Pet clippers for dogs with low noise design to help the pet feel at ease and no longer afraid of haircut. We suggest grooming your pet with our brush before trimming pet hair, treating your pet with little snacks to avoid making your pet nervous because of vacuuming noise, which conclusively makes the grooming experience even more enjoyable.
  • 【After-Sales Service】: Neabot P1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit & Vacuum provides 1 Year Warranty & 45 Days No-Worry Return. 7*24 customer service after your purchase. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us via message.

A product rarely gets unanimous rave reviews from our testers, but this product came close. This is the ultimate grooming kit for those who want a clean-shaven pet and a clean home.

This handy machine is a vacuum cleaner with attachments that you use as grooming tools. You can use this to brush your pet’s fur, clip it or trim it.

Best of all, the vacuum instantly sucks all the pet hair into a clear canister. Empty the canister, and enjoy a clean home. There’s even a vacuum attachment, so you can use this to pick up hairs from the furniture at any time.

The only downside is that the canister is quite small and fills up quickly. Keep a trash can by you as you’re working, and empty the canister regularly. Another downside was that the power wasn’t quite strong enough for dogs with thick, heavy coats.

  • Suitable for dogs, cats and other animals.
  • Best for dogs with short and medium fur.
  • Instantly vacuums pet hair into a canister.
  • Comes with a grooming brush, shedding brush, clipper, trimmer and vacuum attachments.
  • Easy to assemble and use.

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Oster Pet Clippers | A5 2-Speed Animal Grooming Clipper with Detachable Cyogen-X Blade
  • Animal clippers deliver more strokes per minute and a wider blade sweep for faster clipping
  • Powerful, heavy-duty universal motor delivers 2 speeds: 3,000 SPM and 4,000 SPM
  • Clipper is ideal for grooming dogs, cats, horses, and livestock. Compatible with Oster A5 detachable Cryogen-X blades, and Elite Cryogen-X and Take Down Quick Wide blade series
  • Detachable A5 blade system makes blade changes quick and easy
  • Includes detachable #10 CryogenX blade, blade oil, clipper grease, cleaning brush, and replacement carbon brushes

Grooming animals with coarse, thick, and matted fur is challenging even for a professional groomer. This two-speed dog clipper answers the challenge with a patented cryogenic blade. It features two speeds. Use the low speed for delicate areas, and use the higher speed for full-body shaves and cutting tough mats. This trimmer can be used on livestock and horses.

Our testers were impressed by the build quality and ergonomic, easy-to-hold shape of this clipper. This is a powerful dog clipper that makes quick work of any grooming job. The blade is easy to remove when it’s time to change it. One downside of this excellent product is that it doesn’t come with any extra items, but you can buy replacement blades and guide combs from the company.

  • Cryogenic blade shears mats and thick hair easily.
  • 10-foot cord for easy movement.
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Can be used on dogs, horses and livestock.
  • Replacement blades and guide combs available.

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YABIFE Dog Clippers, USB Rechargeable Cordless Dog Grooming Kit, Electric Pets Hair Trimmers Shaver Shears for Dogs and Cats, Quiet, Washable, with LED Display (Gold)
  • 🐶▶Complete Kit for Pet Grooming◀ This dog clippers include 10 guiding combs (3/6/9/12/15/18/21/24mm, left and right) for length control, stainless steel comb and scissor for hair cutting, a storage bag for convenient carrying, blacleaning brush also included
  • 🐶▶Safe and Sharp Clipping Blade◀ Sharp stainless steel and ceramic blade, easily trim through all kinds of pets hair
  • 🐶▶Washable and USB Rechargeable◀ Large capacity lithium-ion battery, can be charged via USB cable anytime and anywhere. Can get washed under water tab directly or remove the blade and wash
  • 🐶▶LED Power Display◀ Battery capacity and status of charging is displayed in percent, avoid power interruption during usage
  • 🐶▶Important Tips for Pets Trimming◀ If your pets have thick and long coats, please do use the steel comb and scissor to cut shorter firstly. Or else the clipper may get jammed up

This budget-friendly trimmer got high marks for its durability and sharp, smooth ceramic blade. Our reviewers especially liked how quiet this cordless grooming kit was. This is especially important for sensitive dogs or those who are frightened by loud, motorized noises. One tester said this groomer was quiet enough to use on her cats without scaring them.

These dog clippers are easy to use, and they come with adjustable combs to set the length you want to cut. The replaceable blades are made from ceramic and stainless steel. This kit is an incredible value with scissors, detangling comb, charging cord, guide combs, and a carrying pouch.

  • Quiet operation.
  • Easily shears long, curly and dense coats.
  • Replaceable ceramic and stainless steel blades.
  • Complete kit includes 6 guide combs, scissors, detangling comb, cord and carrying pouch.
  • Easy to assemble and use.

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Why You Need a Home Hair Trimmer

Get a fresh, clean coat: Many dogs shed, and those with thick double coats shed even more. Samoyeds, huskies, and golden retrievers are notorious for heavy shedding. Regular grooming will help you keep your house and car clean.

Bond with your dog: Grooming at home gives you a chance to bond with your pet. Once your dog gets used to the dog clippers, it will be an enjoyable experience.

Remove tangles and mats: Some dogs have long hair that tangles easily. Maltese, and Yorkshire terriers, for instance, need regular grooming to keep their fur free of mats and tangles.

Spot problems: Regular trimming gives you a chance to check for any issues with your dog’s skin or fur.

How To Use Dog Clippers

Can you get professional results from a home grooming session? Your results may not be perfect, but they’ll be good enough to cut down on shedding and remove painful mats from your dog’s fur. You’ll need dog clippers, an old towel, scissors, and a hairdryer.

  • Let your dog get familiar with the grooming equipment. Allow your dog to see and smell the hair trimmer.
  • Bathe your dog. It’s easier to cut hair that’s wet, and clipping dirty hair will leave germs on your clippers.
  • Use a towel to partially dry your dog.
  • If your dog is moving around, use a leash or harness to hold her in place. If that doesn’t work, ask someone to hold the dog for you.
  • Brush your dog’s hair out. Use a dog hair conditioner to smooth away any knots or tangles.
  • Before using the dog clippers, use scissors to trim the hair around your dog’s hind legs, face, ears and back. These delicate areas are too sensitive for clippers.
  • Begin by working on your dog’s back legs. Trim them, but don’t cut the hair too short. It should be at least ½ inch long.
  • Reward your dog for her patience, and move on to the front legs.
  • Trim your dog’s belly hair.
  • Use a hairdryer to finish drying your dog’s hair, and unveil the new look.

The American Kennel Club has a thorough article with a helpful video on grooming your dog at home.

Tips for Using Dog Clippers

  • If your dog has fluffy or curly hair, don’t cut it while it’s wet. Wait until it’s dry to start clipping. This type of hair tangles easily when wet.
  • If your dog has long, straight hair, use a comb or brush to detangle it. If your dog has thick fur, you can use your fingers.
  • If your dog’s fur has mats, use dog clippers instead of scissors to cut them off.

A Hair Trimmer Makes Grooming Easy

A dog clipper for home use will help you save time and money. Some people use them instead of visiting a grooming salon, and others use them to touch their dogs up between visits. A hair trimmer will help you keep your dog well-groomed.

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Best Dog Clippers (For Grooming): Reviewed for 2021 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What dog clippers do groomers use?

They use single-speed or double-speed professional dog clippers. Single-speed clippers are slightly slower but easier to manage. They are used by new groomers or those who work with small, sensitive dogs. Variable-speed clippers are faster, but they’re more difficult to use. Some experienced groomers use them for their speed and versatility.

Can I use human hair clippers on my dog?

You should never use human soap, shampoo, scissors or clippers on your dog. Human clippers are not designed for the long, thick hair of a dog. Keep these items separate.

What is a good clipper for dogs?

The best dog clipper depends on your dog’s breed and what type of hair you’re trimming. If you have a dog with a thick double coat that mats easily, choose a powerful clipper like the Oster A5 or the Wahl. For everyday grooming of most dogs, the NeatBot P1 and Yafibe Grooming Kit are excellent choices.

How do you groom a dog at home with clippers?

Dog clippers make it easy to cut through your dog’s fur. Start by cleaning and brushing your dog, and use the clippers on your dog’s back legs first. Always go slowly, and work carefully to avoid nicks.

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