Best Dog Food Container: Reviewed for 2021

Published: June 10, 2021

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There are many things you need to do to ensure your dog’s health and happiness. One of them is ensuring that you always have a good supply of kibble on hand. Of course, that means storing your dog’s chow in an airtight container to keep it fresh, protect it against pests, and prevent your dog from accessing an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Of course, choosing a storage container for your dog’s dry food isn’t as easy as it looks. There are lots of options available. You’ll find storage containers that can hold a 30 lb-, 40 lb-, and 50 lb-bag of dry food. There are combo storage containers which allow you to store food for different pets such as dry dog food and cat food. You’ll even find some unique ones sold online such as personalized treat jars for your favorite pooch. The key to finding the best overall dog food container for your pet is knowing what features you need to look for.  

What to Look for in a Dog Food Storage Container 


The size of your dog’s food storage container should be big enough to hold a bag of your pet’s dry food, whether it’s 30 lbs, 40 lbs, 50 lbs, or even more. Of course, if you’re storing treats or looking for a travel option, you’ll need something smaller in size. Aside from the amount of food you want to store, you also need to take into account how much space you have free in your home. 


Dog food containers are typically made of plastic and stainless steel. Plastic is durable and affordable. It is usually see-through which allows pet parents to easily monitor the amount of food in the container. However, you need to make sure that it’s BPA-free. 

Stainless steel is more durable in comparison. It is also easier to clean. Moreover, containers made of stainless steel are better to look at. However, food storage containers made out of this material tend to be more expensive.


According to the experts, you should keep your dog’s chow in its original bag even while stored inside the container to keep it fresh. But that’s not enough. You’ll also need to make sure that the container’s seal is as airtight as possible. This prevents pests and moisture from getting in. In addition, it stops your dog from being able to smell the food. Moreover, a tight seal will make it difficult for your dog to open it and gorge himself on his kibble. 

Dry vs Wet Food Storage

The requirements for storing dry food is quite different from wet food. Dry dog food containers need to be able to hold an entire bag. But if you’re storing wet food, you only need a container that can hold the contents of one can or two. 

Dry dog food containers can be left in the kitchen or pantry, as long as it’s cool and dry. Wet food containers, on the other hand, need to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer to keep it fresh. So, it is important that you choose a container that is freezer-safe. This should prevent your dog’s wet food from getting freezer burn. 

Additional Features

Some food storage containers feature wheels to make it easier to move in and out of the pantry. Some models come with scoops while others include food bowls. There are also decorative food containers as well as personalized ones.

The Top Picks for Best Dog Food Container: Ranked

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Food Storage Container, 40 Pounds
  • Food Storage Container: This pest-proof pet food container for dry food keeps food fresh with our patented airtight sealing system that locks moisture out; Design is stackable for space efficiency; Includes scoop
  • Food Storage Container: The pet food pail is made of food-grade, BPA-free HDPE plastic that won't shatter if dropped and can be kept in garages, barns and outdoors; Perfect for dry food, treats, birdseed and horse feed; Holds up to 40 pounds
  • Airtight Engineering: Our Gamma Seal technology makes for a controlled moisture balance and features a threaded locking system with reliable double gaskets for freshness and controlled moisture
  • Gamma2: Keep dry dog and cat food fresh with our collection of airtight food containers; We have wall mounted containers, travel, pantry, and kitchen containers, plus larger containers for large dogs and horses
  • Just For Pets: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, birds, and other furry friends; Check out our brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit, PetQwerks and more

Our pick for best overall dog food container is the Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Stackable Airtight Pet Food Storage Container. This “vault” of a container is aptly named. It is completely airtight, keeping your dog’s food away from air, moisture, and pests. 

We found it so easy to use. It has a lid that you can spin open to access the dog food and quickly close to create an airtight seal. The opening was large enough that we didn’t have a problem scooping food out for our doggos.

The container is made out of BPA-free, thick, food grade plastic, so it’s very durable. It comes with a one cup scoop which made it easy for us to fill our dog’s bowl quickly (before he stuck his nose in the open container). And it’s stackable which makes it a convenient option if you have multiple pets that require different types of food. 

We did notice that you can’t stack more than two Vittles Vault containers. In addition, the capacity of this container is not always 40 lbs of kibble. The amount of dry dog food it can store depends on how big the kibble is. We found that you can easily store a 40-lb bag of small kibbles. But it won’t be able to store 40-lbs of large-sized kibbles, only 35 lbs at most. 

All of that being said, our team still voted for this storage container because it satisfied all of our requirements, better than any other containers we’ve come across.

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Simplehuman 35 Liter, 40 lb / 18.1 kg X-Large Pet Food Storage Container, Brushed Stainless Steel for Dog Food, Cat Food, and Bird Feed
  • AIRTIGHT SEAL - When you clamp the lid shut, a silicone gasket ensures an airtight seal so dog and pet food stays fresh
  • MAGNETIC LID-MOUNTED SCOOP - The lid-mounted measuring scoop magnetically attaches under the lid, so there's no fumbling around at feeding time
  • FITS BULK ITEMS - Convenient storage for dog or pet food or other bulk items like flour, rice, sugar or charcoal
  • LOCK-TIGHT HANDLE - The large, ergonomic handle clamps the lid closed with one smooth motion and locks it shut to prevent pets from opening the lid
  • SLIM, SPACE-SAVING SHAPE - Designed to make the most of tight spaces

If budget is not a consideration, we would recommend pet parents to get the Simplehuman Stainless Steel Pet Food Storage Container. The container is made of premium stainless steel and features a beautiful brushed finish. Not only is it incredibly sturdy, we love how it looks too.

The Simplehuman storage container comes in several sizes, ranging from 25 liters to 35 liters. The largest size can hold up to 40 lbs of dry dog food. Within the container, there’s a BPA-free inner bucket that you can remove if you need easier access. 

Among the various models we tested, the Simplehuman Pet Food Storage Container is quite unique. It uses a silicone gasket to create an airtight seal when you shut the lid. It comes with a magnetic lid-mounted scoop, so you don’t have to dig it out from under all that kibble. Plus, there’s a lock-tight handle that prevents your dog from getting the container open. 

We loved how easy it was to use and how difficult it made life for our dog. He never stood a chance of opening the container, especially since we would roll it into the pantry using it’s two wheels. In fact, we loved everything about this container except for its price. It’s hard to justify buying a food container that costs over $100.

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OXO 7100200 Airtight Pet Food Storage POP Container,White,5.8 Quart
  • Press button once to open and again to seal
  • Use pop-up button to easily remove lid. Dimensions-6.35 x 6.45 x 13.5 inches
  • Rounded corners allow for easy pouring
  • Wide opening for reaching and scooping
  • Ideal for 6.5lbs of dog food, 4.5lbs of cat food, 3.5lbs of dog or cat treats, 10lbs of bird food, or 7.5lbs of hamster food

When it comes to containers suitable for dog treats, there are plenty to choose from. But out of all that we looked at and tested, only one stood out – the OXO Pet Food Storage POP Container. We thought about what would make the best food container for treats. And we decided it should be something small, airtight, and budget-friendly, but still trendy or stylish. After all, we will be displaying it on our kitchen counter (or somewhere similar). 

Now, our team couldn’t decide on what design would be best. Some voted for a fire hydrant which was cute. Others liked a jar decorated with paws. And then we came across the OXO Pet POP Container. It’s made of plastic that’s BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free. It features a unique mechanism that allows you to create an airtight seal by just pushing a button. It comes in a variety of sizes. And it is completely transparent.

Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping dog treats fresh, the design of this container can allow pet parents to make it unique, more personalized. They can attach stickers or draw art to make the container stand out. They can decorate it however they want to. Why stick with the design given by the manufacturer when you can come up with one that you like on your own? We certainly had fun decorating ours. 

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Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers (5 Pack, 36 Ounce) - Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids - Food Containers Food Prep Containers Glass Storage Containers with Lids Glass Lunch Containers
  • While other Food Storage Containers have leaky Lids & chip easily, Prep Naturals Glass Food Storage Containers are made of durable, high-quality glass & use SmartestLock locking lid technology, locking food in with an airtight seal for secure, leak-free storage.
  • Take the hassle out of meal prep and portion control. Our 1 compartment portion control containers are ideal for precise portioning, so you can Put your meal plan into action!
  • No more Stressing about what to cook for Dinner or what to eat when you're starving post-workout. Just prepare food ahead of time or store leftovers in our containers, then pop them in the oven or microwave to enjoy a home-cooked meal anywhere – at home, work, school, or the gym. Fast & easy!
  • Prep Meals at home, then eat on the go - great for an active lifestyle. Our glass meal prep containers are microwave, oven, and dishwasher-safe (not the lids), allowing for QUICK PREPARATION AND EASY WASHING. And because our containers are freezer-safe, you can STORE YOUR FOOD AS LONG AS YOU LIKE.
  • Customer Service - Please, if you have any questions or issues regarding the Prep Naturals glass containers set please do not hesitate to send the seller a message through Amazon we will respond within 24 hours.

It can take a bit of time before your dog can go through a can of wet dog food, especially if you mix it with his kibble. Some pet parents prefer to prep their dog’s food ahead of time, so they won’t have to worry about it during the busy work week. Whichever the case may be, you need to store wet food in the refrigerator or freezer to keep the food safe for consumption. That’s where Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers comes in.

These food containers are made of durable, high quality borosilicate glass that is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, and microwave-safe. We were able to store our dog’s wet food for a week, only taking one container out per meal. The SmartestLock locking lid ensured that the container was airtight and leak-proof. Plus, the lids made the containers stackable, keeping our fridge looking organized. 

One thing we loved most about these containers (you can get them in sets of 5) is that we can use them for human food as well. You can store single-serve leftovers in these and reheat in the microwave or oven before consuming. So, this purchase is not just for your dog, it can be for you too.

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Kurgo Dog Food Travel Bag | Pet Food Travel Storage Container | Dog Travel Accessories for Camping | Easy to Clean | BPA Free | Foldable | Holds 5 Pounds | Kibble Carrier | Coastal Blue & Chili Red
  • Keeps Dog Food Fresh: Dog food carrier is equipped with roll-down top and hex-weave material to keep food fresh, and keep out pests and unwanted moisture.
  • Extra Storage Pockets: Zippered side pocket is perfect for treats, keys, doggie bags or extra cash; zippered bottom opening conveniently fits one of our Kurgo Collaps-a-Bowls (not included).
  • Made from Safe Materials: Dog food container is PVC free and includes food-safe PEVA liner with heat sealed seams that prevents kibble oil seepage.
  • 5 LB Capacity: This dog food storage container can store up to 5 pounds of dry food at a time, provides perfect solution for packing down dog food to maximize storage space.

Going on a road trip with your favorite pooch? You’re going to need to bring his kibble. And what better way to store them for travel than with the Kurgo Kibble Carrier for Dogs?

Your dog deserves to eat fresh, nutritious food wherever you go. And this container certainly helps you do that. It’s quite unique, especially compared to all the other dog food containers on our list. It’s made of durable 400d hex-weave material for durability. Inside, it features a food-safe PEVA, PVC-free liner that prevents any moisture from seeping into the bag and contaminating the food. To keep the container airtight, you can roll the top of the bag down and clip it.

Upon inspection, we discovered that you can store treats, doggie bags, or your keys in the zippered side pocket. We could also fit a collapsible bowl in the zippered bottom pocket. In short, you can easily store everything your dog needs in one small bag, including 5lbs of his favorite kibble. The only thing that would have made this bag better would be if it had a compartment that allowed you to store water as well. But maybe that’s too much to ask, especially at this price which can fit anyone’s budget.

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IRIS USA 3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Combo with Scoop and Treat Box for Pet, Dog, Cat, and Bird Food, Blue Moon
  • This plastic airtight container is the ideal solution for storing dog or cat food, other pet food, and more.
  • Pet food bins have airtight seals and snap lock latches to keep out moisture and pests for secure dry food storage.
  • 12 quart storage container stacks on the 33 quart storage container, and included scoop makes measuring food easy.
  • BPA free rolling storage bins come with casters for easy mobility. Perfect for dry dog food, cat food, or birdseed
  • Dimensions: 16.50"L x 10.83"W x 18.63"H

If you’re looking for a container that can hold two different types of dog or pet food, then we recommend the IRIS 3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Container Combo. It features one 12-quart container and one 33-quart container stacked on top of each other along with a 2-cup food scoop.

So, why do we love it? Both containers are airtight. They have snap-lock latches that allow you to seal the dry food in, keeping out air, moisture, and pests from contaminating your pet’s food. The translucent body of the containers lets you keep an eye on the amount of food left. Plus, it has four wheels which made it easy for us to move the containers in and out of our pantry.

One benefit to getting a combo container is that you can store a different type of food in each one. You can fill the top container with cat food or dog treats and use the lower one for storing dry dog food. During testing, we found that the food (any pet food) remained fresh and flavorful (according to our dog) even after a couple of weeks. More importantly, it contained the smell of the dog food (which wasn’t appetizing in our opinion) inside. Our only issue with this model is the capacity which was on the low side. Fortunately, there’s a larger size available – one that can hold up to 40 lbs of dog food.  

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Best Dog Food Container: Reviewed for 2021 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the best container to store dog food?

The best container for storing dog food is one that is airtight. It should be able to keep the food fresh for a long period of time. It should prevent bacteria and pests from getting in. And it should keep the smell of the food from getting out.

Everything else will be entirely dependent on your needs. Are you storing dry food or wet food? If it’s the former, you need to think about capacity. How much dry food are you planning to store? 30 lbs? 50 lbs? For treats, you’ll need to look for something smaller. When storing wet food, on the other hand, you need to consider a container that’s freezer-safe. 

If you love going on adventures with your dog, then you’ll need a food container that’s suitable for travel. If you have more than one type of pet, you might want a combo storage container – one that allows you to store multiple types of pet food.

Is it OK to put dog food in a plastic container?

Yes, it is as long as you choose a plastic container that is BPA-free to ensure your dog’s safety.

What is the best way to store dry dog food?

The best way to store dry dog food is to keep it in its original packaging and placed inside an airtight container. The seal should prevent your dog’s food from getting exposed to air, moisture, and pests. Make sure to leave the container in a cool, dry place.

Is a dog food container necessary?

Leaving your dog’s food out in the open can expose it to air which can ruin its flavor. Worse, it can cause your dog’s food to spoil more quickly. Without storing it in a container, the food will also attract pests that can contaminate your dog’s chow with bacteria and other various microorganisms. Aside from protecting your kibble, a container can help you keep track of how much food your dog has available at any given time.

What size container holds 15 pounds of dog food?

On average, a food container with a capacity of 28 quarts can hold up to 22 lbs of dry dog food.

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