Dog Treadmills: Reviewed for 2021

Published: November 18, 2021

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Does your dog need more exercise? We use treadmills for walking and running indoors, so why not do the same for your dog? Here’s the rundown on dog treadmills, including which features to look for and how to find the right one for your budget.

Verified Review: Our Hands-On Experience

We only promote products that we’ve tested personally on our pets. Our team of testers was excited to try these indoor dog-walking machines. Overall, they enjoyed the experience and found it easy to get their dogs on the treadmills.

One thing we discovered is that it’s almost impossible to find a treadmill that fits all dogs. A treadmill that’s right for small dogs is too cramped for large dogs, even if it can hold their weight.

Another thing to keep in mind is where you’re going to put your new treadmill. A treadmill is a hefty piece of equipment, and you’ll need some room for it. On that note, our testers liked the folding feature on the DogPacer and the compact size of the PetSite model. Our testers liked the side panels on all three models that gave dogs a sense of security while walking.

Instead of an overall “best” in this category, we picked one treadmill for each dog size.

Dog Treadmills: Our Top 3 Choices

dogPACER 91641 LF 3.1 Full Size Dog Pacer Treadmill, Black and Red
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Dimensions folded: L-42.28" W-22" H-8.5" | Dimensions open: L-76.77" W-27.16" H-46.18" | Treadmill Height: 46 In | Overhead Bar Height: 36.5 In | Running area: 71" X 16.5" | Computer to ground height: 18.1" | Product Weight : 84.4 Lbs
  • HEALTHY WEIGHT – A consistent regiment of exercise and diet will lead to a healthier, happier and longer life for your dog.
  • TIME – Because of busy and hectic schedules, we often find it a challenge to walk our dogs after a long day spent in the office.
  • SAFETY – No worries about walking your dog at dawn or late at night or on a busy street. Exercising your dog indoor eliminates these issues.
  • IT FOLDS! - Our patented folding technology makes this the worlds only folding treadmill for dogs!

This treadmill comes with built-in, preprogrammed workouts, so you can start your dog at an easy pace and work up to a tougher one. It is designed for large dogs. It features an extra-long belt, and it will hold dogs that weigh up to 180 pounds.

One of our testers said this was a great workout for large, active dogs that need mental and physical stimulation. You can set a challenging, mentally stimulating workout, which is what these dogs most enjoy.

This folding treadmill is fast and easy to assemble, and you can fold it for traveling or storage. If your big dogs are getting grumpy from lack of exercise, you need this treadmill.

  • Folds for easy storage.
  • Holds dogs up to 180 pounds.
  • Quiet motor.
  • Not self-propelled.
  • Durable alloy steel construction.
  • Safety features include a remote control and emergency on/off switch.

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PETSITE Dog Treadmill, Pet Dog Running Machine for Small & Medium-Sized Dogs, Pet Fitness Treadmill with 1.4'' LCD Display Screen, 200 LBS Capacity
  • 【Professional Pet Dog Treadmill】For pets lacking adequate exercise would bring about some health problems like obesity, poor endurance, slow response. Our treadmill could help your dogs or cats gain enough exercise, helping them lose weight and keep healthy. You can keep your pet indoors for exercise regardless of rainy days and bad weather. Pay attention to the size especially the length of your dog.
  • 【Safety Protection】Don't worry about your dog's safety. We have double safety mechanism to protect dogs, say, the safety key on the console can be pulled out to stop the treadmill at any time you find it dangerous for dogs, or you could simply press the "OFF" button on remote control to stop machine.
  • 【Remote Control & LCD Display】Dog treadmill available for remote control when you're walking across rooms. 1.4 inch LCD display clearly shows speed, time, distance and calories. 12 modes provided for multiple speed and time setting.
  • 【Durable Construction】 Made of premium ABS and iron pipe, giving this treadmill an solid construction and strong load bearing of 200lbs, sturdy enough to hold your dog. The two side panels are made by 600D waterproof and detachable oxford cloth, blocking pet's sight of surroundings, letting them concentrate on exercising.
  • 【Easy to Assemble】20-minute quick installation. Built-in wheels for easy movement. Three adjustable heights for the base to meet the need of different pets. Pay attention to ensure all the 5 pins inside the connector are well inserted in place and all wires well connected before the treadmill starts.

This compact treadmill is ideal for small dogs, but it will fit some medium dogs. It features full-length walls that will help keep a dog inside the treadmill. This is excellent for small dogs, who may have difficulty staying on an open dog treadmill. It is designed to hold up to 220 pounds, but large dogs won’t fit on the shorter, narrower belt.

This treadmill has almost as many options as the human treadmills in your local gym. Get your dog ready to roll with 12 preset programs, three training modes, and a speed monitor. Our testers found this was one of the easiest treadmills to get dogs to use. Safety features include an emergency on/off button and remote control.

  • LCD display screen.
  • Holds dogs up to 200 pounds.
  • Not self-propelled.
  • Waterproof, detachable side panels.
  • Built-in wheels for easy movement.
  • Dog leash crossbar.

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dogPACER MiniPACER Treadmill
  • ADJUSTABLE:The treadmill speed can be set from .5 MPH up to 7.5 MPH in .1 MPH increments.
  • MOST AFFORDABLE:The dogPACER treadmill line is the lowest priced, highest value dog treadmill available on the market, because pet exercise equipment can be both reliable and economical.
  • COMPUTER FITNESS PROGRAMS:The included pet treadmill computer comes with multiple pre-set dog fitness and exercise programs to optimize dog health and happiness for your 4 legged pal.
  • SMALL-MEDIUM: This dogPACER Minipacer doggie home exercise equipment treadmill has a running area of 38"L x 16"W.

Even a toy dog needs regular exercise. If your little lap dog enjoys walking or running, this well-built dog treadmill is an excellent choice. It’s the small version of the larger DogPacer treadmill. Although it holds dogs up to 55 pounds, the short belt will only work for the smallest pups.

Like the larger model, this is a durable, well-constructed model, and it is also a folding style. One disadvantage we found is that it is set at an inclined position. If you want your dogs to walk in a flat setting, place something under the treadmill to make it flat.

  • Comes with preset fitness and exercise programs.
  • Holds dogs up to 55 pounds.
  • LCD display to track miles and speed.
  • Adjustable speed.
  • Not self-propelled.
  • Dog leash crossbar.

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How To Use a Dog Treadmill

Whether you’re training your dog for a sport or trying to burn off some energy, a treadmill is a great investment in your puppy’s health.

Does Your Pet Need a Dog Treadmill?

All dogs need to run, walk or play sports daily. Even the smallest lapdog needs to walk. Dogs who don’t burn off their energy are prone to boredom, obesity, and depression. They can also react by tearing up your house.

Using a treadmill can keep your dog physically and emotionally healthy. Besides daily exercise, here are some other situations where you might want to use a treadmill for your pup.

He’s getting pudgy: An overweight dog is an unhealthy, unhappy dog. Give your dog the gift of health with some indoor walking.

She’s a high-energy dog: Some dogs are always active, and certain breeds need to exercise several times a day. Keep your dog happy by letting her burn off that energy.

Your dog is an athlete: A dog that competes in doggy sports, agility competitions, or herding contests may need to get in top physical shape. A dog treadmill can be a helpful solution.

The weather is terrible: If the weather is too miserable for walking outdoors, let your dog enjoy some indoor walking. A dog treadmill lets your dog stay active, even if you can’t take him out.

How To Train Your Dog To Use a Treadmill

While most dogs are eager to learn new things, using a dog treadmill isn’t a natural activity for them. It will take some time and patience to get your dog on the moving belt. Here are steps to follow:

  • Introduce your dog to the treadmill. Don’t turn it on yet.
  • Get your dog to sit or stand on the treadmill with you. Give him a treat and praise him for getting on it.
  • Ask your dog to “stay” on the dog treadmill. Continue doing this daily until your dog is comfortable on it.
  • Let your dog watch the treadmill as it is running. Let her stand next to it, but don’t have her get on it.
  • Put your dog’s leash on, and ask him to stand on the treadmill. Stand next to him holding the leash, and turn the treadmill on.
  • The treadmill should be at the lowest setting. Praise your dog and give her a treat for walking on the treadmill. Encourage her to keep walking at the slowest speed.
  • Repeat this daily. Gradually increase the speed over the next two or three weeks. Always praise your dog for staying on the treadmill.
  • Some dogs like to have their owners help them keep their balance while they’re walking. Others prefer to walk alone. Figure out which way of walking your dog likes best.

The pet website Vet Street has a helpful video on training your dog to use a treadmill. This video emphasizes taking it slow and focusing on short bursts of exercise.

Safety Tips For Using a Dog Treadmill

  • Never leave a dog unsupervised on a treadmill. Your dog could fall off or get tangled in the belt.
  • Watch your dog closely, and make sure she is not overexerting herself.
  • Always go slowly, and reward your dog with praise when he uses the treadmill.
  • Don’t let puppies use a treadmill. Puppies and young dogs have not developed the necessary coordination to use a treadmill.

Dog Treadmills Lead To Happy Dogs

A dog treadmill can help your dog get indoor exercise or train for a sport. If you want a happy, healthy pet, you may want to find room in your budget for a treadmill.

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Dog Treadmills: Reviewed for 2021 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is it cruel to put a dog on a treadmill?

It’s only cruel if your dog is frightened by the treadmill. Forcing your dog to do something scary is never a good idea. Always introduce your dog to new things slowly, patiently, and at your dog’s pace. If you introduce the treadmill the right way, your dog will learn to enjoy exercising on it.

Are dog treadmills worth it?

A dog treadmill is not cheap, and you may wonder if it’s within your budget. It may be the best investment you make in your pet’s health, however. Dogs who don’t get enough exercise can become restless, overweight, and unhappy. Considering the overall benefits to your dog, a dog treadmill is worth it.

Can you use a normal treadmill for a dog?

Some people have trained their dogs to use a treadmill with them. These are dogs who enjoy running with their owners.

A human treadmill can be dangerous for dogs, however. They don’t have the safety features of a dog treadmill, and dogs can get their tails or paws caught in the machinery. It’s best to use dog treadmills for dogs.

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