The 3 Best Dog Umbrellas: Reviewed for 2022

Updated: April 5, 2022

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#1: Best Overall — Seymour Dog UmbrellaSeymour Dog Umbrella
Best for Walking at Night: LesyPet Dog Umbrella with LeashLesyPet Dog Umbrella with Leash
Best Budget-Friendly Option: Namsan Dog Umbrella for Small DogsNamsan Dog Umbrella for Small Dogs

Do you live in a rainy climate? If you do, you may have wondered if there’s such a thing as a dog umbrella. There is, and you can use one for walking in any weather. What is the best dog umbrella? In this review, we look at weather-proof, wind-proof dog umbrellas to help you and your puppy get the protection you need to enjoy every day.

Verified Review: Our Hands-On Experience

To test dog umbrellas, we turned to a panel of reviewers who live in parts of the country where they’d be most useful. These included reviewers in the Pacific Northwest, where frequent rain is common, and those in southern states where tropical rains mix with hot, sunny days. They tested them to learn which were the best for walking and which were best for sun protection.

Our reviewers were looking for well-made, durable umbrellas that were easy to use. They also reported varying levels of success with getting their dogs to use them. Some dogs took to them right away, but others had to be coached a few times. We recommend giving your dog a trial run indoors or during dry weather before you have to use the umbrella on a wet, windy day.

Our reviewers chose the Seymour Dog Umbrella as the top choice. Its innovative, two-in-one design is easy and convenient. The LesyPet dog umbrella leash stood out for its functionality, but one reviewer found the strap too short. The Namsan dog umbrella leash is an excellent budget choice at under $20.

Most dog umbrellas are made for small dogs. If you have a large dog, you may be out of luck.

Best Dog Umbrellas: Our Top 3 Choices Ranked

Seymour Dog Umbrella - Compact & Portable Umbrella, Waterproof & Windproof Travel Umbrella for Medium & Small Dogs, Sun Umbrella UV Protection, 2 in 1 Cute Umbrella & Dog Raincoat (Medium)
  • 🐶EFFECTIVE DESIGN : Your revolutionary Pet outdoor umbrella ! Allowing your dog to walk worry free !
  • 🐕EASY TO USE : Comes built and ready to be worn ! Dog accessories are meant to be user friendly!
  • 💧WATER/WIND PROOF : Our umbrella hat serves as a barrier to the unwanted climates. Rain, UV & Wind!
  • 🐩🦮VEGAN : Made of vegan leather ; lightweight and easy to clean. Enable your dog to move without restriction!
  • 🔔WARRANTY : If your pair is damaged we will replace it! Bottom line, it works or your money back!

The Seymour umbrella leash has everything you need for walking in wet weather. It is styled like a small rain jacket with an attached umbrella. Our reviewers were impressed by how easy it was to use this. You put it on your dog, attach a leash and start walking. The large dog umbrella is detachable, and your dog can wear the jacket alone on chilly days. The faux leather material is very stylish.

  • Weather-proof, wind-proof colored cover.
  • Stylish faux red leather.
  • Provides UV protection.
  • Secure fit with adjustable straps.
  • Available in sizes S and M.

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Best for Walking at Night: LesyPet Dog Umbrella with Leash

This dog umbrella leash features a stick that glows in the dark for visibility in any weather. The umbrella shaft has an attached leash for convenience. It comes in one size that should work for most small dogs. One reviewer found the handle a little too short, so you may have to get used to your pet walking close to you.

  • Transparent cover.
  • Attached leash for convenience.
  • Ideal for walking in low-light conditions.
  • Easy, no-assembly setup.
  • One size suitable for small pets.

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Dog Umbrella for Small Dogs Pet Umbrella with Chain Leash Doggie Rain Snow Day Walking Umbralla
  • Pet umbrella can keep dog dry and safe if your dog hates getting wet when you outside walk in the rain, great ideal for walking on rainy days.
  • Need to train your puppy to get used to it beacuse sometimes it may be scared of this doggie umbrella. Also keep distance when connected umbrella position is so close to dog to avoid it freaks dog out.
  • When you assemble this doggy umbrella, tighten umbrella cap stopper firstly, then push up umbrella inner shaft and open it, use hand or tool to put out the umbrella tube until hearing clicks, finally insert the shaft into the handle and fix by one screw.
  • Hold the handle by one hand, then other hand hold the umbrella cap stopper and push it forward, open completed. Close the umbrella in the opposite direction base on the open way if you don't use it.
  • Only design for small dogs use, don't recommend this umbrella for active or irritable dog because may get wet easily if dog was to try to run or even walk fast.

This cute dog umbrella has a transparent cover and a bubble shape that supplies excellent protection for small pets. The attached handle is almost two feet long, so it’s easy to walk with your pet. Our reviewers said their dogs seemed to like umbrellas. The testers liked coming home with dry dogs. This weather-proof, waterproof cover will make walking with your small dog easy, even in bad weather.

  • Transparent cover.
  • Offers protection against sun, rain and wind.
  • Long leash for easy walking.
  • Assembles in minutes.
  • For small dogs only.

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How To Use a Dog Umbrella

It can be hard to get some dogs motivated to walk when the weather is nasty. Rain protection will make it easier for both of you. With a large dog umbrella, you can take on the rain in style and comfort.

Types of Dog Umbrellas

  • Dog umbrella leash: This type of umbrella usually has a long handle with an umbrella attached to it. A short leash connects the umbrella to your dog’s collar and places the umbrella over your pup’s head. The umbrella should be large enough to give your dog good coverage from the rain and snow.
  • Dog umbrella hat: This style of umbrella includes a hat that you place directly on your dog’s head. It has an umbrella attached to it. A dog umbrella hat offers protection that allows your dog to move freely.

Should You Choose a Transparent or Colored Umbrella?

Both have advantages and disadvantages. A colored umbrella offers protection from the sun, but a transparent umbrella gives your dog more visibility. It also allows you to keep an eye on your dog. It all depends on what type of protection is most important for your pup.

Does a Dog Umbrella Offer Total Rain Protection?

It can be a huge help, but if you’re facing a downpour, you may need extra gear. How about some dog raincoats, dog hats, or dog rainboots? These can all combine to protect your dog from everything the weather throws at you.

Dog Umbrellas: Pros and Cons

It shields your dog from the rain and sun.An umbrella may block your dog’s vision.
The cover keeps dogs safe from falling or flying objects.Your dog’s motion may be restricted.
Your small dog won’t get knocked down by fierce winds.It can be hard to get your dog used to an umbrella.
It keeps dogs dry, which means less mess at home.Most are designed for small pets only.

Brave the Weather with a Dog Umbrella

If your dog hates getting wet, a dog umbrella will make life easier for both of you. These umbrella dog leashes are easy to use and make the perfect walking companions.

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Best Overall

Seymour Dog Umbrella
  • 🐶EFFECTIVE DESIGN : Your revolutionary Pet outdoor umbrella ! Allowing your dog to walk worry free !
  • 🐕EASY TO USE : Comes built and ready to be worn ! Dog accessories are meant to be user friendly!
  • 💧WATER/WIND PROOF : Our umbrella hat serves as a barrier to the unwanted climates. Rain, UV & Wind!
  • 🐩🦮VEGAN : Made of vegan leather ; lightweight and easy to clean. Enable your dog to move without restriction!
  • 🔔WARRANTY : If your pair is damaged we will replace it! Bottom line, it works or your money back!
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The 3 Best Dog Umbrellas: Reviewed for 2022 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Who was the inventor of the dog umbrella?

The dog umbrella was invented by Kenneth Warth in 1965. Warth was an inventor and dog lover who worried about dogs living in backyards for hours at a time.

He received a patent for his idea in 1966. In a description of his invention, he said it was designed to protect dogs from the sun’s heat. “My invention,” he wrote in his patent application, “relates to umbrellas generally and specifically to a dog umbrella adapted to protect the dog against the sun, provide food and water, and provide means for securing the dog against wandering.”

His invention was a leash that included a removable dog umbrella hat and two removable food dishes. Modern dog umbrellas are more streamlined than his design, but you can thank this forward-thinking inventor for the original idea.

Can all dogs use dog umbrellas?

Unfortunately, no. Most dog umbrellas are designed for small and medium dogs. If you need a large dog umbrella, you may have to invent one yourself.

Is a dog umbrella worth buying?

a dog umbrella is worth buying if:

• Your dog hates getting wet.
• You live in a rainy climate.
• It’s usually sunny where you live.
• You travel with your dog.

Anyone who’s tried to walk a dog in the rain knows it can be difficult. You must keep yourself dry, and you have to keep your best buddy from getting wet. A dog umbrella does half the work for you.

It’s also a smart investment if you live somewhere that’s hot and sunny. Dogs need shade protection, and a dog umbrella can shield them from the sun’s heat and intense UV rays.

How do you find the best dog umbrella?

To choose the right one, look for the following features.

Water-proof material: An umbrella must be water-proof. If you’re also using it for sun protection, choose one that isn’t transparent.

Wind-proof construction: There’s no point in buying an umbrella that will get blown away by a windy gust. You need a durably constructed umbrella that can stand up to harsh weather.

Large size: The umbrella should give your dog good coverage. Many people find that bubble styles are the most protective, but others prefer a wide, flat umbrella.

Is a dog umbrella easy to use?

When you introduce something new to a dog, your pup’s reactions can be mixed. Some dogs have no trouble adapting to new clothes and gadgets. Others are very resistant to change.

Before you use the umbrella, let your dog get familiar with it. Dogs want to smell and touch new things. Before you use it, practice putting it on your dog. Take your dog for a short walk in the house or on a sunny day. Praise your dog for using the umbrella during your practice sessions. The next time there’s a rainy day, you will both be ready.

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