The 4 Best Dog Agility Tunnels: Reviewed for 2022

Updated: July 29, 2022

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#1: Best Overall — HDP 18-Foot Dog Agility Training Open TunnelHDP 18-Foot Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel
#2 Best Competition Tunnel: ActiveDogs Agility Heavy Duty Dog Competition TunnelActiveDogs Agility Heavy Duty Dog Competition Tunnel
#3 Best for Large Dogs: Better Sporting Dogs 16-Foot Agility Tunnel with SandbagsBetter Sporting Dogs 16-Foot Agility Tunnel with Sandbags
#4 Best Value: Houseables Dog Tunnel Agility EquipmentHouseables Dog Tunnel Agility Equipment
Key Points:
  • Dog agility tunnels can physically and mentally challenge your dog. They are used for competitions as well as entertainment.
  • A dog agility tunnel should be durable and flexible to take on different shapes. It should also be made of weather resistant material if you plan to use it outdoors often.
  • Dog agility tunnels come in varying lengths and widths to work for small dogs and large dogs. For smaller dogs, you may want to avoid very long tunnels.

If you’re looking for something stimulating for your dog other than the usual toys, you may want to consider a dog agility tunnel. These tunnels are great for outdoor play and training, but depending on the size, can also be used indoors. They essentially teach your dog to practice bravery, and help it flex it’s muscles and reflexes when maneuvering.

What are the best dog agility tunnels? The best dog agility tunnels are well-made and sturdy enough for rough treatment by a dog. Some dog owners look for a dog agility tunnel for entertainment. Others participate in professional competition and need quality dog agility equipment for practice. There are owners who use their dog agility tunnels for both competition practice and for boredom relief when their dogs get restless. Fortunately, there are tunnels designed to fulfill all of those purposes!

When looking for dog agility equipment it’s best to have some features in mind so you select one your dog will love. Searching for a dog tunnel made of durable and flexible material is a great place to start. Also, think about where you want to use it. If you want to use it in a large backyard, then a sixteen or eighteen-foot tunnel would be ideal. Alternatively, if you’d like to put it into a small basement, a six-foot-long tunnel would be a suitable choice.

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If you envision putting the tunnel outdoors, then it’s important to select one made to withstand the elements. If it’s going to be used exclusively indoors, then waterproof material wouldn’t be essential.

An owner who wants to participate in a dog agility competition should look for a tunnel with the same dimensions and design as tunnels used on a professional dog agility course.

The size of a dog is another thing to factor into this search for the best dog agility tunnel. A big and heavy breed needs a tunnel designed for large dogs. It should be made with heavy-duty material in order to be able to endure vigorous use. Alternatively, a small dog needs a lightweight tunnel made for the movements of a little canine.

Browse our reviews of various pieces of dog agility equipment to find out what each one has to offer to your active, furry friend.

How to Choose the Right Agility Tunnel for Your Dog

The three main factors to consider when choosing a dog agility tunnel are:

  • Security
  • Material
  • Size


A secure dog agility tunnel remains stable on the ground when in use. Though most tunnels move a little bit while in use, a reliable tunnel doesn’t roll out of place. Some dog tunnels are made of heavy-duty material that keeps them in place while others are sold with stakes that secure them to the ground outdoors.

A dog of any size will be more inclined to use an agility tunnel that feels secure in its location.


If you plan to use your agility tunnel outdoors, then it’s best to choose one made of waterproof, heavy-duty material. So, if there’s dew on the grass, the tunnel will be protected from mildew. Generally, whether used indoors or out, it’s best to look for a tunnel with a flexible material that can withstand heavy use from any breed of dog.


The diameter of an agility tunnel should be wide enough to easily accommodate your dog. The length of a tunnel should be based on where it will be located. A shorter tunnel would be suitable for indoor use whereas a longer one is a great choice for a spacious outdoor area.

The Best Dog Agility Tunnel: Pros and Cons Compared

With Ground Stakes

Offers extra security for an outdoor tunnelA pointed stake design can injure a dog’s paws
Excellent support for larger dog breedsMay rust over time

Without Ground Stakes

No extra time is needed for assemblyA less secure tunnel on a windy day
No holes put into the grassNot the best choice for an owner with large dogs

Our Criteria and Experience: How We Chose the Best

When making our recommendations for the best dog agility tunnels, we researched many products to find ones with the following criteria present:

  • Durability–the materials used in the construction of the tunnel hold up against the necessary wear and tear associated with your dog playing in or running through it; Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is the highest competition quality, but we included more affordable options constructed of polyester or plastic that hold together for extended periods of time.
  • Functionality–the tunnels have varying lengths to get your dog used to running through them with confidence; we included options that have other accessories like storage bags, stakes, and sandbags. We looked for lightweight items in general, ones that could withstand weather, and in our competition item, it’s flame resistant.
  • Easy to fold–while most of the options we provided are easy to fold and put away, the competition tunnel weighs 30 pounds, so it’s not for the faint hearted as far as ease-of-handling goes.

The Top Picks for Dog Agility Tunnel: Ranked

HDP 18 Ft Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel
  • Length: 18 ft
  • Opening: 24"
  • Stakes: 7" long
  • Grommet: metal
  • Case is included

Our choice for the overall best dog agility tunnel is made of durable bright blue plastic and measures 18 feet with an opening of 24 inches. This diameter is good for dogs of many sizes.

It’s lightweight at 2.38 pounds. We found its eight short stakes are durable and push easily into the ground. The flexible yet sturdy fabric stands up to the nails of puppies and dogs. This tunnel is simple to clean and a creative solution for boredom.

The tunnel bag makes it easy for an owner to pack up this fun item for a trip to the park.

Click here to check out HDP 18-Foot Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel on

ActiveDogs Agility Heavy Duty Dog Competition Tunnel - Outdoor Dog Obstacle Agility Training Equipment Exercise Equipment (Yellow (20' Length))
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made with heavy 14ga vinyl & sturdy coil steel wire this tunnel will last
  • COMETITION: Our ActiveDogs tunnel is 24" opening, 20' long & 4" pitch meets AKC guidelines
  • STURDY: This tunnel is weather & flame resistant.
  • Made In USA, Small Family Owned Business ActiveDogs
  • sandbags, stake down systems & accessories sold separately

This piece of dog agility equipment designed by ActiveDogs is for those who have some extra money to spend and want their dogs to train in a professional competition agility tunnel. It meets the standards of the AKC Kennel club, so is even a suitable purchase for professional organizations that host dog competitions. Its 20-foot length helps a dog develop the speed and solid footing it needs for competition. Constructed of yellow heavy-duty PVC and and alloy steel frame, this tunnel endures daily practice and agility training for dogs. It’s also waterproof and flame resistant, and has a 24-inch opening.

We noted there is no storage bag is included or other accessories, which is surprising given the hefty price tag. Given it’s a true competition tunnel, it’s not a practical purchase of you are just looking for an agility tunnel for entertainment purposes.

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Better Sporting Dogs 16 Foot Dog Agility Tunnel with Sandbags | Dog Agility Equipment | Dog Agility Training
  • 16 ft long agility tunnel with 2 saddlebags – one set of saddlebags for each end of the tunnel. *Sand not included.
  • The tunnel is 24” in diameter and 16’ long – great for most sized dogs!
  • Sandbags have a wide mouth for easier filling, and convenient carrying handles.
  • This agility tunnel set comes with a sturdy carrying bag. When you are finished with your agility practice, it stores easily out of sight!
  • Sandbags help to keep your tunnel in a sturdy & fixed position!

One of the many features that earned this item our best dog agility tunnel for large dogs is its saddlebags. This purchase includes a set of saddlebags to put on both ends of the tunnel. The bags can be filled with sand, helping to anchor this lightweight tunnel. Large dogs can use this well-secured tunnel for entertainment or for boredom relief.

Its diameter is 24 inches, and it measures 16 feet long. This gives a large dog the space and distance necessary to test its running skills. We liked the lightweight polyester material used to make this agility tunnel. However, we noted this material may be damaged by especially sharp claws.

A tunnel bag is included making transporting or storage of this item a very easy process.

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Houseables Dog Agility Training Tunnel, 18 Ft Long, 24" Open, Blue, 1 Pk, Polyester, Play Tunnels for Training Small & Medium Dogs, Park Playground Toy, Large Obstacle Course, Pets, w/ Carrying Case
  • REGULATION SIZE: Regulation size (18' long coiled shape shifting tube with 24” double-ended openings -- AKC and NADAC compliant) agility tunnel modeled after those found in obstacle courses at sanctioned dog events. Recommended for small to mid-sized dogs weighing up to 80-90 pounds (casual use only).
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Lined with a blue covering made from lightweight yet surprisingly durable 600D woven Oxford Dacron. Included in this set are 8-10 anti-rust zinc plated 7” stakes that insert through the metal grommet tabs around the base of the tunnel. The downward angled tops of the stakes will not protrude out of the ground and cause harm to your dogs while they play.
  • ENDLESS EXERCISE: A tremendous resource for sharpening your dog’s obedience, quickness, dexterity, and overall quality of life. Use this dynamic, portable tunnel for casual play, exercise, and introductory training. It is perfect for burning tons of dog energy, playing chase, fetch, hide-and-seek, and a great many other dog/owner favorites.
  • PORTABLE: Arrives in a circular carrying case with dual nylon black handles at the top for effortless transport. Once removed from the case, the tunnel instantly expands to full length like a pop out tent. Quickly collapses and folds back together when you are finished. Set it up inside the home, in the backyard, at your favorite beach or park, and much more.
  • EASY FUN AFTER A RUFF DAY: Sometimes dogging is ruff, and a pup just needs to run around to shed some stress. Our tunnel is a quick and easy way to make an obstacle course of fun for your dog to play with. Your puppy will love it, we guarantee it!

This dog agility equipment made by Houseables earned our pick for best value due to the extra-long tunnel and the design of its stakes.

The tunnel itself is 18-feet long with a 24-inch diameter. It’s made of lightweight polyester and comes with eight stakes measuring seven inches each, to secure the tunnel to the ground. Our testing revealed a benefit in the design of these metal stakes. The top of the stake curves to one side instead of pointing directly up. This prevents a dog from stepping on a sharp edge when using its tunnel for entertainment.

Owners can use this piece of dog agility equipment as part of a practice course in preparation for competition. Its design mimics tunnels used in professional dog agility competitions. Also, it’s a good choice for dogs that simply like to exercise and play.

In addition, an owner receives a durable tunnel bag. The tunnel collapses and fits into the tunnel bag for storage or transporting it to another place for agility practice. This flexible piece of dog agility equipment is available in blue or red.

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Summary of the 4 Best Dog Agility Tunnels

RankBest ForProduct
1OverallHDP 18-Foot Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel
2CompetitionActiveDogs Agility Heavy Duty Dog Competition Tunnel
3Large DogsBetter Sporting Dogs 16-Foot Agility Tunnel with Sandbags
4ValueHouseables Dog Tunnel Agility Equipment

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Best Overall

HDP 18-Foot Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel
  • Length: 18 ft
  • Opening: 24"
  • Stakes: 7" long
  • Grommet: metal
  • Case is included
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The 4 Best Dog Agility Tunnels: Reviewed for 2022 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How long is a dog agility tunnel?

There are a variety of lengths available. Some tunnels are just six feet long while others are 18 feet. Some shorter tunnels can be connected!

Is dog agility cruelty?

No. Agility training for dogs is great exercise.

Do dogs like agility tunnels?

Some dogs like to run through agility tunnels on a course while others aren’t interested.

How do I get a dog not afraid of an agility tunnel?

Using delicious dog treats can help to encourage a reluctant dog to step into a tunnel and eventually move the whole way through. A dog has to see for itself that a tunnel is safe.

What is the diameter of a dog agility tunnel?

Standard dog tunnels are 24-inches in diameter.