The 4 Best Shedding Brushes for Dogs: Reviewed for 2022

Updated: April 5, 2022

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#1: Best Overall — Evolution Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker BrushEvolution Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush
#2: Best for Matted Fur — Well & Good Prostyle Mat RemoverWell & Good Prostyle Mat Remover
#3: Best Shedding Brush for Large Dogs — Furminator Deshedding ToolFurminator Deshedding Tool
#4: Best Budget Kit — Pet Magasin Grooming Brushes

All dogs shed, and they all need help keeping their fur in good shape. You can help with a dog brush that removes dead hair and grooms your dog. We’ve gathered the best shedding brushes for dogs of all sizes and fur types.

Verified Review: Our Hands-On Experience

To find the best brushes for your pets, we turned to our team of reviewers. These pet owners all have dogs that need grooming, including dogs with short hair and those with thick, shaggy undercoats.

Our top overall pick was the Evolution Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush, which our reviewers liked for its ease of use and durable build. Our reviewers liked the self-cleaning feature and the padded bed. They were impressed with the Furminator, and most agreed it was the best shedding brush for large dogs. One reviewer said she used it without complaint on pets that normally hate being groomed.

Other brushes that ranked well were the Well & Good Prostyle and the Babyliss Pro. We tried two rotating combs, but they didn’t seem as sturdy as standard brushes.

All these dog brushes are priced under $20, but what if you need more than one kind? For that, we included a kit that should fit any budget.

Top 5 Dog Shedding Brushes

Evolution® Self-Cleaning Slicker, Small/Medium
  • Stainless steel pins retract for easy clean up
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Works on all coat types
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Keep your dog's coat looking great with our self cleaning dog slicker

Don’t let the uncomplicated design or the low price fool you. This brush for small and medium dog breeds features an innovative self-cleaning feature that makes it cleaner and easier to use than other brushes. The padded bed and curved design are gentle on your pet’s skin, and the brush removes massive amounts of hair.

  • Non-slip rubber handle.
  • Good for overall grooming.
  • Stainless steel bristles.
  • Self-cleaning feature.
  • Suitable for small and medium dogs.

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#2: Best for Matted Fur — Well & Good Prostyle Mat Remover

This adjustable grooming brush is the best choice for matted fur on dogs of all sizes. It features adjustable blades and an easy-to-use design. The steel blades cut through long and medium fur easily.

  • Adjustable, stainless steel blades.
  • Fast, easy removal of mats.
  • Designed to reduce pulling.
  • Good for matted fur and tangles.
  • Suitable for dogs with medium or long hair.

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FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs, Large, Long Hair - 101008
  • Stainless steel deShedding edge reaches through topcoat to safely and easily remove loose hair and undercoat
  • FURejector button releases hair with ease
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and easy use
  • Remove loose hair without damaging the coat or cutting the skin when used as directed
  • Deshedding tool for large (51-90 lbs) dogs with long hair

This shedding tool is designed for large dogs with fur that’s two inches or longer. The thick rubber handle makes it easy to use, and the blade design removes huge amounts of dead fur. Our reviewers recommend using this shedding brush outside because you’ll end up with huge piles of fur.

  • Stainless steel blades.
  • Ergonomic rubber handle.
  • Suitable for medium-haired and long-haired dogs.
  • Ejector button to release trapped hair from the device.
  • Good for large, long-haired dogs.

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PET MAGASIN Professional Grooming Brushes (Pack of 3) Double Sided Brush, Long Tooth Undercoat Dog Rake & De-Matting Comb for Dogs, Cats & Other Animals, Green & Black (DogBrushesTop)
  • THREE DOG GROOMING BRUSHES - Double Sided Brush, Long Tooth Undercoat Dog Rake and De-matting Comb
  • Dog Grooming Brushes REDUCE SHEDDING BY UP TO 90% - say goodbye to annoying hairs all over your furniture and carpet, and say goodbye to paying big bucks to vet and pet groomers - at the same time getting connected to your pets
  • ALL YOU NEED FOR HOME & PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMING BRUSH -Specially Designed Deshedding blade removes dogs hair gently without hurting the skin
  • ONE SIZE FIT ALL - it is strong enough for bigger dogs and thick enough for smaller ones
  • TRUSTED BY 300,000+ AMAZON CUSTOMERS - 300+ of recommendation for professional groomers. Dog Grooming Brush For Everyone!

This set of three brushes comes with a double-sided grooming brush, a long-toothed undercoat comb, and a rake for matted fur. Use one side of the brush for short hair, and use the other for longer hair. The three-pack also comes with a carrying pouch. Our reviewers were impressed with the quality of these for the price. They were well-made and worked on dogs with short, medium, or long hair.

  • Complete kit with three tools.
  • Rubber handles.
  • Brushes work on short, medium or long hair.
  • Simple, easy-to-use design.
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes.

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How To Use a Dog Shedding Brush

Brushing your dog is the only way to remove mats and keep the fur healthy. It’s also a good way to keep all that dog hair from taking over your rugs and furniture. Here is a basic guide to using shedding brushes.

Types of Dog Brushes

Matting rake: This is a specially designed rake for matted fur. The blades only cut when they sense an obstacle, so you remove the mats without cutting the fur.

Shedding blade: Also known as an undercoat rake or undercoat comb, this brush is specially designed for thick undercoat fur.

Grooming brush: A regular dog grooming brush has firm bristles that you can use on fur of any length.

Slicker brush: This wire-bristled brush is designed for dogs with long hair or mixed fur. You must use it very gently to avoid leaving your dog’s skin sore.

Rotating brush: A rotating brush uses rotating pins to remove mats without scratching the pet’s fur.

Shedding brush: This is another name for a shedding blade. The best shedding brush removes dead hair without cutting your dog’s fur or skin.

How To Groom Your Dog

Grooming your dog can be fun for both of you, but you must do it the right way. The best method is to brush backward against the layer of the fur and then brush it back into place. This technique removes hair and leaves the coat shiny. This method, however, won’t work on dogs with curly hair.

There are specific grooming guides for dogs online, so look for instructions that are specific to the type of fur your dog has. The American Kennel Club has good instructions that apply to most dogs.

Follow these tips for the best results:

• Start brushing at the top and work your way down.
• Be extra gentle around the dog’s face and eyes.
• Use an undercoat comb around your dog’s ruff.
• Use a light touch on your dog’s belly.

Grooming the Undercoat

If your dog has an undercoat, you will need to use special techniques to ensure you get all the hair. Dogs with undercoats are also known as double-coated dogs. Dogs with undercoats shed extra amounts of fur in the spring and summer. This is called a “blowing coat.”

For summer grooming, follow these steps:

  • Brush the dog all over with a raking or mat-removing brush. Remove any matted clumps of fur.
  • Brush the undercoat with a shedding blade or undercoat comb.
  • Bathe your dog, and let the fur air dry.
  • Finish by brushing with a regular grooming brush to smooth the fur and leave it glossy.

Keep Your Dog Happy with a Shedding Brush

Brushing your dog is an important part of taking care of your pup. Some dogs need more grooming than others, but they all enjoy it.

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Best Overall

Evolution Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush
  • Stainless steel pins retract for easy clean up
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Works on all coat types
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Keep your dog's coat looking great with our self cleaning dog slicker
Pet Magasin Grooming Brushes
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The 4 Best Shedding Brushes for Dogs: Reviewed for 2022 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is it hard to brush a dog?

It’s not difficult, but you must use the right brush and the right technique. It also depends on what type of dog you have. A large, long-haired dog with a double coat will take more work than a small dog with short hair. When you brush your dog, set aside time to do a thorough job.

How often should you brush a dog?

You should brush most dogs at least twice a week. If your dog has an undercoat, you may find yourself brushing more often to control the shedding. A double-coated dog will need extra care in the spring and summer months to control the blowing coat.

Is a shedding brush good for short hair?

Yes. Even dogs with short hair shed, and some short-haired dogs have thick undercoats.

Are dog brushes expensive?

Most of them are affordable. All the brushes on our list cost under $20, so they should fit any budget. If you want a complete kit at an affordable price, we have included one.

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