7 Best Books About House Plants That Will Stop You From Killing Them

Written by Marisa Wilson
Updated: November 2, 2022
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Indoor gardening books are helpful because they provide detailed instructions on growing plants indoors. They can also offer tips on how to care for your plants and how to troubleshoot common problems. Additionally, indoor gardening books can be a great source of inspiration, helping you develop new ideas for your own indoor garden. When choosing a house plant book, you should look for a few things. Keep in mind the type of house plants you want to learn about, your level of gardening experience, and what kind of information you need. 

If you are new to gardening, starting with a general introduction to house plants might be a good idea. This can give you ideas of the different types of plants available and what they require in terms of care. Once you understand house plants better, you can move on to more specific books that focus on a particular type of plant or gardening technique. If you are an experienced gardener, you might already know what you are looking for in a house plant book. 

In this case, you can search for books that focus on a specific type of plant or gardening technique. This will help you get the most benefits out of your reading and ensure you can find the information you need. There is a house plant book that can teach you more about these intriguing plants, no matter what gardening knowledge you have. With so many different titles, you are sure to find one that meets your needs and interests. This list will get you started!

Essential Succulents: The Beginner’s Guide

Essential Succulents is the perfect book for anyone interested in learning about and growing these unique plants. This easy-to-understand guide covers everything from choosing the right succulents for your home or garden to caring for them properly. You’ll also find helpful tips on designing beautiful displays, propagating new plants, and dealing with common pests and problems. 

Whether you’re completely new or an experienced gardener, Essential Succulents are sure to become a valuable resource. It is focused solely on how these plants are taken care of indoors and list 50 types to choose from, not just green ones. 

Some plant enthusiasts use it as a guide to identify several kinds they have or are looking for to use for further research. The high-quality images make it clear and easy to understand the various succulents. This is helpful if you need help or want to expand your succulent collection. Anyone tired of killing these plants should also read this book.h 

Essential Succulents: The Beginner's Guide
  • Easy-to-understand guide covers everything you need to know about succulents
  • Lists 50 types of plants to choose, and how to care for them
  • High-quality resource for beginners and experts alike
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Houseplants: The Complete Guide to Choosing, Growing, and Caring for Indoor Plants

It has a section on all of the standard how-tos and information about all types of houseplants. The book’s second half contains photographs and profiles of over one hundred houseplants. It is separated into three sections concerning how difficult a plant is to grow or maintain. The three sections are roughly easy to manage, moderate, and challenging to grow. 

This is excellent for all experience levels, and several indoor gardeners appreciated how the book is organized. For beginners, they like that the author includes what to do about specific types of pests. Readers said the information is presented nicely and not clustered like some other gardening books

After reading this book, you’ll better understand which level of difficulty you want in a plant and the options you have for choosing one based on the space available in your home. If you’re looking to add green to your house, this is a great starting point on which ones to pick.

Houseplants: The Complete Guide to Choosing, Growing, and Caring for Indoor Plants
  • Photographs and profiles of over one hundred houseplants
  • Excellent for all experience levels
  • Includes what to do about specific types of pests
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How Not to Kill Your Houseplant

Stop killing everything you touch and start keeping plants alive. This book lists the types of care your plants require (or don’t require) for more than 50 popular houseplant varieties. Find out what kinds of plants will flourish in your home. Additionally, you’ll learn how to repot succulents, hang air plants, and maintain a cactus. 

Learn what your plant requires in light, heat, and more. This book will address all of your horticulture problems and provide solutions. The step-by-step guide style of this book makes it beginner friendly. 

Several readers were happy to learn how to take care of their houseplants because they thought they didn’t have the ability as “green thumb” people do. While this is a good book for you, it can also be a humorous gift to give someone you know has a horrible reputation for killing plants. They might think it is a funny title, and you could save a house plant’s life by getting it.

How Not to Kill Your Houseplant: Survival Tips for the Horticulturally Challenged
  • Lists over 50 popular houseplant varieties and how to care for them
  •  Step-by-step guide style of this book makes it beginner friendly
  • Learn what your plant requires in light, heat, and more
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Wild at Home: How to Style and Care For Beautiful Plants

You’ll learn all the skills required to take care of your plants, including where to put them, how to propagate them, how to choose the ideal pot, and much more. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to arrange your plants to look their best. While this book isn’t as detailed about plant care as other books on this list, it is full of inspiration. 

This book isn’t a great match if you prefer a book of ideas specifically for your living space. This book has several gorgeous pictures of the author’s home filled with his unique plant arrangements. Readers found a lot of great ideas inside and tailored the styles in this book to their own rooms. 

Several readers enjoyed the author’s writing style and said it reflected his cheerful nature. The most notable addition is the incredible photography. The pictures are high quality, and you can almost breathe the fresh air through the pages. 

Wild at Home: How to style and care for beautiful plants
  • Learn all the skills required to take care of your plants
  • Gorgeous pictures
  • Cheerful writing style
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The House Plant Expert

The author, Dr. Hessayon, has been honored by Queen Elizabeth for his horticultural knowledge and talents. That is someone you would want to take advice from, and this book is an excellent way to access his ideas and tips. 

It is simple to understand why Dr. Hessayon’s books on houseplants have sold over a million copies. The book’s portion identifying specific plant species with images care guidelines and other advice is intelligently organized. These pages cover almost all possible questions, but they never feel overwhelming. 

Some readers bought it as a refresher, while others ordered it because they were beginners. No one was disappointed in how this book delivered information, and everyone appreciated the value of data and its structure. This is best for anyone wanting to be an expert at house planting.

The House Plant Expert
  • Author has been honored by Queen Elizabeth for his horticultural knowledge
  • Book covers all possible horticulture-related questions
  • Great for beginners and experts alike
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Houseplant Party: Fun Projects & Growing Tips for Epic Indoor Plants

Plant enthusiasts and creative people will be thrilled to add this book to their collection. Sometimes you grow so many plants that you don’t know what to do with them!|That’s where this book can save the day. It will give inspiration for an aesthetic way to organize and add plants to your home. 

Plant owners loved the project section of this book and said it had easy-to-follow instructions. It also will give you essential tips on how to care for your houseplants. If you are creative and love do-it-yourself projects, this will provide you with excellent ideas for building beautiful plant holders. 

One of the projects is a succulent Zen garden that helps reduce stress. It is supposed to be a relaxing and beautiful addition to your living space. This simple interactive garden will keep you in a calm mood throughout the day. Guests will love it too!

Houseplant Party: Fun Projects & Growing Tips for Epic Indoor Plants
  • Full of fun projects
  • Learn how to make a Zen garden
  • Great coffee table book
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Herbal Houseplants

It can seem complicated when starting or maintaining an indoor herb garden. This author shows that you don’t need to overcomplicate the process. She show’s you how herbs are simple to produce at home without expensive grow lights or other specialized equipment. Herbal Houseplants will teach you the fundamentals of caring for herbs grown inside. 

In this beautifully presented book, the author shows how easy it is to prune and maintain your favorite herbs. The best ways to store herbs are also mentioned, so you don’t have to waste any of your wonderful plants. There are also a variety of recipes and projects you can create to use your herb harvest. 

You may regularly enjoy the flavor and fragrance of fresh herbs by cultivating an indoor kitchen garden. House plant owners enjoyed the quotes included throughout the book and said that it made the book more entertaining. Herbalists and cooks should grab a copy; it’ll help you make your home magical with all these scents and greenery. 

Herbal Houseplants: Grow Beautiful Herbs - Indoors! For Flavor, Fragrance, and Fun
  • Beautiful presentation
  • Lots of great recipes
  • Shows you how to grow herbs at home, without expensive equipment
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