The Best Dragon Costumes for Dogs

Written by AZ Animals Staff
Updated: May 23, 2022

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Best Toothless CostumeAlfie Pet – Night Fury Dragon Costume
Best Dragon WingsDOGO Dragon Wings Dog Costume

Dragons are amazing mythical creatures that can fly, blow smoke, and breathe fire. If you are on the hunt for the perfect costume for your dog, you really can’t go wrong by choosing a powerful dragon.

There are a lot of dragon costumes available on the market. While this means you have a wide array of options to consider, it can also be overwhelming trying to select which dragon costume is right for your dog. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In the next few sections, we’ll review some of the best dragon costumes for dogs on the market and share some tips to help you as you shop.

Our Criteria:

Before we get into the breakdown of our favorite dragon costumes for dogs, let’s discuss our criteria for narrowing down our choices from the multitudes out there. As animal lovers and dog owners, our team strives to find only the highest quality costumes on the market. We choose not only based on appearance, but practicality, affordability, comfort, and uniqueness. Your pet should feel comfortable while they rock a cute, unique costume picked by you!

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While we use all of these factors to sift through costume options, there is one factor we are unable to take into account for you: your dog’s personality! Only you know your dog better than anyone else and can pick a costume that will suit them perfectly. If you have a dog that loves to chew, don’t choose the costume with all of the bells and whistles. You have a dog that gets anxious in clothing? Choose a lightweight, minimal attire so they have a great time while out and about with you.

The best example I can give is my own. I have a young, energetic rough collie who loves to run, rough house, and most of all, chew. Taking him with my anywhere I can is one of the best parts of owning a dog! During Halloween, I love to dress him up as cute characters and even as the match to whatever costume I’m wearing. However, choosing a costume for him can be quite the process. He truly does not like to wear clothes and, so, I choose costumes that come as bandanas or simple head pieces. Knowing he will chew anything in his reach is also something I have to take into consideration. Costumes with pieces on his legs or that are detachable are not an option. Knowing my dog’s personality and what he likes/dislikes has saved us not only money but his happiness when we are out and about, whether it’s at parties or on the go trick-or-treating.

It is easy to overshadow the specific needs of your dog with the cuteness of the perfect costume. However, if your dog is going to overheat, get anxious, or destroy the costume, it definitely isn’t worth it. Your dog can’t choose their costume, so it is up to you to know them and understand their needs over the “perfect” costume.

Now, let’s take a look at our favorite choices for dragon costume for your dog this Halloween season!

  1. Yoption Dog Cat Dragon Costumes
  2. Yoption Dog Cat Dragon Costumes

    •Dragon hoodie costume for dogs

    •Plush, velvet material

    •S-XL (see size chart)

    Check Amazon
  3. Alfie Pet - Night Fury Dragon Costume
  4. Alfie Pet - Night Fury Dragon Costume

    •Night fury dog costume

    •Full-body with hoodie

    •XS, S for small breeds (size up)

    Check Amazon
  5. DOGO Dragon Wings Dog Costume
  6. DOGO Dragon Wings Dog Costume

    •Dragon wing costume for dogs

    •Various sizes available

    •Easy, adjustable, ventral tie

    Check Amazon

The Top Picks for the Best Dragon Dog Costume: Ranked for 2022

#1 Best Overall: Yoption Dog Dragon Costume

The Yoption Dog Dragon Costume takes its place as number one in our books for its overall appearance. Your dog may not breathe fire, but they will be the cutest dragon replica in the room. The costume has a step-in design to make it easy to put on your dog. The green dragon body covers your dog’s chest, neck, and back, and the included dragon hoodie with eyes and horns that completes the look.

The hoodie includes large dragon eyes, sharp teeth, and pink horns. Pink dragon scales run down the back and over the dragon’s tail, leaving no question that your dog is supposed to be a dragon.

The costume is made using soft microfiber and velvet materials that will feel nice against a dog’s skin. It comes in four sizes (small, medium, large, and X-large) to fit most dogs weighing between 3 and 18 pounds. Noted in the description is that the costume does run small, so measure your pet well before purchasing. The plush fit of this costume may not be right for all dogs, especially those who overheat easily.

Best Overall
Yoption Dog Cat Dragon Costumes

•Dragon hoodie costume for dogs

•Plush, velvet material

•S-XL (see size chart)

Check Amazon

#2 Best Toothless Costume: Alfie Pet – Night Fury Dragon Costume

Everyone knows Toothless, the friendly dragon from How to Train Your Dragon, and we think the Alfie Dog Dragon Costume is the best choice for this character costume for dogs. The costume covers a dog’s entire body to make them look just like the cute and feisty Toothless. A hood with Toothless’ signature large yellow eyes and blue horns is also integrated into this costume’s designs. Shimmery blue wings and spikes complete the look of the costume.

Currently, this costume is available in a size extra-small or small. These sizes should work for small breeds and owners should size up when purchasing. Make sure you take your measurements accurately and compare them to the size recommendations on the website.

The full-body costume with a hoody may not be the best choice for fluffy dogs or those with clothing-anxiety, as it may be too restrictive. The overall coverage could cause dogs to overheat quickly.

Best Toothless Costume
Alfie Pet - Night Fury Dragon Costume

•Night fury dog costume

•Full-body with hoodie

•XS, S for small breeds (size up)

Check Amazon

#3 Best Dragon Wings: DOGO Dragon Wings Dog Costume

For a simple but effective dragon costume for your dog, we recommend the DOGO Dragon Wings costume. Metallic red wings rest on your dog’s back, implicating a dragon costume without full-body attire. Your dog will look as if they will take to the skies at any moment with these wings!

The wings are easy to put on and attach by tying a string underneath your dog’s belly. Adjusting the wings to fit your pup is also a breeze as tying the string is up to you. If you have a fluffy dog or one who is not a fan of jumpsuits or clothes in general, these wings are the perfect dragon costume.

Various sizes of the costume are available and, again, the sizes are adjustable to your individual dog.

Best Dragon Wings
DOGO Dragon Wings Dog Costume

•Dragon wing costume for dogs

•Various sizes available

•Easy, adjustable, ventral tie

Check Amazon

How to Choose the Best Dragon Dog Costume

Use the buying guide below to help you search for the best dragon dog costume. Since each costume on the market is different, knowing which features are the most important to you can help you zero in on the costume that will deliver what you’re looking for.


First, take a look at the overall design of the costume and think about your vision for your pup. Do you want him or her to look like a dragon from a particular movie? Do you want your pup to look like a dragon that’s ready to take to the skies in dragon wings or a popular, toothless dragon from a popular movie that others will be able to easily recognize?

In addition to looking at the appearance of each costume, also take a few minutes to assess how easy it will be to use it. Consider how quickly you’ll be able to get your dog dressed in their costume, whether their leash can be attached to their harness or collar easily, and whether the costume will be in the way when they need to use the bathroom.


As mentioned before, you know your dog better than anyone else. All dogs have different personalities, which is what makes them so amazing. It can be tough to cater to all of the specifics, so focusing on the major ones is most important. If your dog hates wearing clothes, don’t force it. Minimal costume option exist for the dogs who overheat or simply don’t like clothes covering them. If your dog doesn’t mind dressing up, go all out! As long as your dog is happy and healthy, the costume works! If your dog hates the costume, is anxious, or is uncomfortable, the costume is not the right one no matter how cute it is.

Fit and Adjustability

After thinking about the design of each costume, the next step is to make sure the costumes you are interested in are available your dog’s size. There is no point in closely considering a costume only to discover that it won’t actually fit your dog.

To check to see if a costume comes in your dog’s size, you’ll need to compare their measurements to those included in the sizing chart for the company. Velcro straps and other features that allow for adjustability can also help in ensuring the costume will deliver a good fit for your pup.


Look for costumes made with breathable and soft materials. Breathability is important to make sure your dog doesn’t get too hot when they’re dressed in their costume, and soft materials will help ensure that the costume doesn’t rub against your dog’s skin and cause a rash.


Last, but not least, pay attention to the cost of each option you’re considering. While you don’t want to sacrifice quality, you also don’t want to spend more than you’ve budgeted on a costume for your canine. If there are two costumes that you’re trying to decide between, comparing the prices may help decide which one to purchase a bit easier.

Best Dragon Costumes for Dogs: Summary

RankBest forProduct
1OverallYoption Dog Dragon Costume
2ToothlessAlfie Pet – Night Fury Dragon Costume
3Dragon WingsDOGO Dragon Wings Dog Costume

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The Best Dragon Costumes for Dogs FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can my dog dress up as a dragon for Halloween?

Absolutely! If you want to choose a dragon costume for your dog, there is no reason not to. If you like dragons and your dog is comfortable wearing costumes, don’t let anything hold you back from choosing a dragon costume for your pup. Halloween is all about magical and mystical creatures, and you can’t get much more magical and mystical than dragons.

Do they make dog dragon costumes from How to Train Your Dragon?

Yes, there are costumes based on the dragons from the movie How to Train Your Dragon. Some of the possible costume options include Toothless and Night Fury.

Is a costume safe for a dog to wear?

Any time your dog is dressed up in a costume, it is important to keep your eyes on him. Most of the time, dogs should be safe in their costume, but it is also possible for them to chew off smaller pieces and choke or get caught up in something with a bulkier costume. Watching your pup while he is in costume will allow you to step in and prevent a possible tragedy.

How do you know if your dog likes wearing his costume?

Obviously, dogs can’t use words to tell us whether or not they like something. However, we can ready their body language and behavior to help us get a pretty good idea of their likes and dislikes. For example, if your dog comes running up to you with his tail wagging excitedly when you take out their costume, it is a pretty good indicator that they are happy about wearing the costume. Dogs that seem to act like their normal selves when dressed up also probably like, or at least tolerate a costume.

However, some dogs may run off and hide or bark at a costume. Your dog may also hold his tail between his legs or shake as you try to put the costume on. These are all signs that your dog does not like wearing a costume. If your dog is exhibiting any of these behaviors, don’t make them wear the costume, as it can lead to increased stress and anxiety.