The Best Hands-Free Dog / Pet Leash (Running, Hiking): Reviewed for 2021

Published: September 23, 2021

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Running or walking is one of the best ways to give a dog daily exercise, and a hands-free dog/pet leash is a great way to keep this routine as a daily practice. Often found in belt form, these leads help you keep your hands available and keep your dog under better control.

Whether you go on hiking trails or residential streets, many leashes often only have mediocre control over your dog. Better management is one of the essential benefits overall, keeping your dog from getting into traffic or challenging situations with wildlife. If your dog tends to get unruly, these leads can help make walks a fun activity again.

There are many products you can choose from, including Runners Choice and Tuff Mutt. Your options even include restraint for two dogs. We’ve taken a look at the possibilities, regardless of whether you want to splurge or watch your costs.

Verified Review: Our Hands-On Experience

We enjoyed the strong bungee cord used on some of these leashes, particularly helpful during training when dogs get a bit overexcitable. There is also an adjustable belt as a part of many of these leashes. Another thing that we found very useful is that many come with storage pouches you can use for bringing along water and treats.

However, we found that the hardware sometimes wears out fairly quickly, primarily when used for large dogs. Another concern that many big dog owners have is that some of these leashes do not stand up as well to dogs over 60 pounds. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages overall.

The Top Picks for Hands-Free Dog / Pet Leash (Running, Hiking) Ranked

RC Pets Bungee Active Dog Leash, Hands-Free 4-in-1 Dog Leash, Arctic Blue/Teal
  • Adjustable leash wraps around waist for hands-free walking or running, waist adjustable from 25" - 49"
  • One side has integrated elastic for shock absorption and handle at base of leash for extra control in high traffic situations.
  • 4 in 1 functionality: hands free, tie-up, coupler and leash
  • Strong polypropylene webbing, with nickel-plated hardware that resists wear
  • Reflective stitching on both sides

One of the things we enjoyed the most about the RC Pets Bungee Active Dog Leash was the belts ability to fit most waist sizes. There is no need to worry about the band bunching up and becoming uncomfortable.

Integrated elastic helps provide the shock absorption that you need during vigorous jogs. An extra handle gives you additional control when you’re in areas with a lot of traffic.

Reflective stitching helps you and your dog maintain maximum visibility, especially if you are walking a small breed not as easily visible. The leash has multiple uses, also serving as a tie-out or coupler for two dogs. We found this leash to be the best option overall because of its versatility.

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Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash for Running, Walking, Hiking, Durable Dual-Handle Bungee Leash is 4 Feet Long with Reflective Stitching, and an Adjustable Waist Belt That Fits up to 42 Inch Waist
  • EASY GLIDE BELT CLIP: Unlike other hands free leashes which force your leash to stay in one position, our durable clip smoothly slides along the lightweight belt allowing your dog move easily from side to side which means more freedom for you and your pup.
  • ADEQUATE RUNNING ROOM: Your dog can comfortably run in front of you, or beside you, without feeling like you are stepping on their heels. The 4 foot leash is long enough to provide plenty of space and stretches out to 5 feet when fully extended.
  • BEST FOR MEDIUM and LARGE DOGS: A strong durable bungee is placed between the two handles to keep your dogs pulling to a minimum and to absorb shock. To get the full benefits of the leash we recommend your dog be at least 30 lbs, as smaller dogs are not typically strong enough to utilize the bungee in our leash.
  • EASILY CONTROL YOUR DOG: It's no fun having to stop right in the middle of an energetic run. Our two conveniently placed handles allow you to control your pup without breaking stride. Use a hands on approach with the handle by your hip to guide your dog back on track, or the collar handle for more direct control in tight situations.
  • REFLECTIVE THREAD & QUALITY MATERIAL: Designed with luminous reflective stitching that run the length of the leash and the 48" belt to insure you stay safe and visible on your late evening runs. LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Our leash will improve your walks and runs with your dog, or your money back!

One of the things that make Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash ideal for large dogs is its easily adjustable belt clip. The flexibility helps to provide extra running room, perfect for breeds that need to stretch their legs.

The bungee material makes it easy for you to bring your dog under control. One of the few downsides to this leash is that it is not as effective for dogs under 30 pounds. The leash will provide less resistance, giving the dog more leeway.

One thing that we enjoyed about this restraint was the quality of the construction, making the material likely to last for life. We also enjoyed the reflectiveness of the material, making it an excellent runner’s choice.

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KONG Traffic Handle Hands Free Dog Leash 6' Offered by Barker Brands Inc. (Grey)
  • Traditional leash with traffic handle for increased control when needed. 6' Long & 1" Wide.
  • Hands-free waist strap for walking, running, playing or training. Temporary tie-out for use in dog-friendly public spaces, such as cafes and restaurants.
  • Fully fastened traffic handle for easy access and swift control. Neoprene-lined, comfort grip handles.
  • Please note that logo styles may vary between photos shown.

We enjoyed how the KONG Traffic Handle Hands Free Dog Leash helps to provide for better traffic control in busy settings. The traffic handle is neoprene-lined, giving you greater comfort when controlling your dog.

With a length of six feet, your dog has plenty of room for exploration. This leash can also serve as a tie-out, perfect if you enjoy spending time at outdoor restaurants with your furry friend.

One problem that we observed was that this brand was not as durable as some comparable products. Durability is one of our primary concerns, especially for walks and runs in busier areas.

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YOUTHINK Hands Free Dog Leash, Double Dog Leash with Reflective Stitching, Adjustable Waist Belt with Pocket, No Tangle Durable Dual-Handle, Multifunctional Leash Dogs Running Walking Hiking
  • Hands Free Design, Functional Pocket:Waist wearing belt keeps your hands free, you're able to multi-task. take care of your baby, Talk on your phone, enjoy walking, running etc. comes with a waist pocket designed to hold a supply of poop bags, keys, phone, cards, cash, dog treats or other small items for waist belt dog leash
  • Adjustable waist belt and Length:The adjustable waistband, The waist comfortably adjusts between 27"-44¡± to fit a large range of waist sizes. versatile waistband Includes a built-in phone pocket, poo-bag holder, and convenient pocket for keys, wallet, treats, etc. moisture-wicking,providing enough freedom for you and your dog, auto-buckle design on it letting you wear more quickly and easily for dual leashes for 2 dogs small and large
  • Double Dog Leash, No Tangle Design:You can Easy walking 2 dogs by the swivel clasp allows for 360¡ã rotation and make tangles impossible, fit for all dog sizes.walk and control 2 dogs at once while maintaining safe control over both
  • Reflective Stitching with Premium Material:Our dual dog leash is designed with luminous reflective stitching, insure you stay safe and visible when you running, walking in the morning or late at night. gives you extra visibility, ensure you and your dogs' safety at night walking. All for your perfect experience
  • Shock Absorbing Bungee with 2 Handles:Unique Bungee Design helps to absorb shock of quick movement when used with energetic and active dogs, reduce the feeling of being pulled. 2 handles accessories allows you to maintain control of your pet with the sturdy double handles, adequate for training activity or street traffic moments

If your hands-free needs include a leash for two dogs, the YOUTHINK Double Dog Leash will meet your needs. Because the belt comes with storage, you can keep your keys or phone quickly accessible.

When you are walking two dogs, there’s no need to worry about both leashes becoming tangled. A swivel clasp prevents tangling while helping you maintain control over the dogs. Reflective strips that keep everyone more visible and superior shock absorption helped our walk stay safer and more comfortable.

A legitimate concern that we noticed was that the belt did not fit some as initially hoped. If you intend to splurge on a leash option, you want assurance that it will work.

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What Are the Benefits of a Hands-Free Leash?

Dogs who are already leash-trained, including large dogs, are excellent candidates for hands-free leashes. You can keep your hands free for other tasks while walking your dog.

Another benefit is that many of these leashes, such as the KONG Traffic Handle Hands Free Dog Leash, offer better control in settings where there is more traffic.

If you jog with your dog, one of these leashes will also help protect against hand or wrist injury. Some of the breeds best suited to running are particularly strong, making a safer option better.

How Do You Get a Dog Use to This Type of Leash?

The first thing to remember is that a hands-free leash will work best for a dog that is already leash-trained and well-mannered. If a dog is somewhat rowdy on a leash, even the best option from a brand like Runners Choice will not keep it under control.

Consider a small fenced area like your yard when you first get your dog used to a hands-free leash. A fenced yard is an excellent place for leash training that helps reduce the chance of problems.

You will walk your dog in a similar way to how you walk it on a leash attached to a collar. One of the differences will be keeping your dog from wandering into the path of its leash, potentially causing tripping.

Can You Walk More Than Two Dogs on One of These Leashes?

If you’d like to splurge when you buy a hands-free leash, YOUTHINK Double Dog Leash makes it easy to walk two dogs thanks to a handy coupler system.

A hands-free leash is ideal for walking two or more dogs, eliminating the hassles that come with walking the dogs with different leashes and not having your hands available. Couplers attached to one of these leashes make walking three or four dogs safe.

The Different Types of Hands-Free Dog / Pet Leash: Pros and Cons Compared

Bungee Dog Leash

Most durable.May have hardware of lesser quality.
Often designed for runners.
A safer alternative to retractable leashes.

Traffic Control Dog Leash

Features an additional handle to keep the dog out of traffic.Sometimes less durable than some other leashes.
Versatile enough to use as a tie-out.

Double Dog Leash

Allows multiple dogs to be walked easily.It may not work as well when walking small dogs with larger dogs.
Designed to prevent tangling.

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The Best Hands-Free Dog / Pet Leash (Running, Hiking): Reviewed for 2021 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Are hands free dog leashes safe?

Hands-free dog leashes are safe as long as users follow instructions and take reasonable safety precautions. For example, users should avoid using them for dogs without leash training or with multiple dogs.

What is the best leash for running with a dog?

Bungee-cord leashes offer the greatest durability that is necessary when running with a dog. Leashes with traffic control handles can also provide the greater control that you need during a run.

How do you use a hands-free dog leash?

A hands-free dog leash works similarly to a traditional leash. The belt is attached around your waist, which leaves your hands free.

Are bungee dog leashes good?

Bungee dog leashes are suitable, available at multiple price points. Some of these leashes are also available with storage, usually in the form of pockets.

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