The Best Lickable Cat Treats: Reviewed for 2021

Published: October 5, 2021

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If you’re looking to find new and exciting ways to reward and show your love and appreciation for your faithful kitty companion, then lickable cat treats may be the perfect way to go. Lickable cat treats are a fun and interactive way for cat owners to spend some time with their kitties while letting them enjoy a delectable treat.

Most lickable cat treats are delectable purees that come in a variety of tasty flavors and recipes that cats are sure to enjoy. They come in small pouches that owners can squeeze up to provide a taste of the yummy chicken, beef, stew, or other delicious flavor waiting inside. Lickable cat treats can also help give a calorie boost to senior cats or other kitties who need some help gaining weight. Due to their higher moisture content, they can also help with ensuring cats stay hydrated.

If you’re ready to discover the perfect delectable and interactive lickable cat treat, continue reading! We’ve included our picks for some of these fun squeeze-up pouches that cats are sure to love.

Verified Review: Our Hands On Experience

We believe in testing products before recommending them to our readers. Our cats were definitely on board as we tested a number of different lickable cat treat brands and recipes. Here are a few additional items we noted during testing:

  • Temptations Creamy Purrr-ee Lickable Cat Treats: We were so pleased with how much our cats seemed to enjoy these lickable treats. Even one of our senior cats who seems to be losing interest in food perks up and comes running over when we pull these out. However, we noticed the individual pouches were smaller than what other brands sell, and wish they were a bit bigger.
  • Hartz Delectable Squeeze Up Cat Treats: This variety pack was another big hit with our kitty crew. While they seemed to enjoy all the flavors, the tuna & shrimp was probably the biggest hit. Just remember to be careful not to squeeze too hard on the pouches, or too much puree will come out and make a bit of a mess (that your cat will probably happily help you clean up).
  • Hartz Delectables Stew Lickable Wet Cat Treats: We tried the senior 10+ chicken & tuna pouch with one of our older kitties who has lost too much weight from not eating much food. This lickable treat seemed to help him gain some of that food back when we used it as a food topper and an extra treat here and there. However, when we tried some of the other flavors with our younger cats, some of them only licked up the broth and left the meats behind instead of eating it all.

The Top Picks for the Best Lickable Cat Treats: Ranked

TEMPTATIONS Creamy Purrrr-ée with Salmon Cat Treats, 12g Pouches (11 Pack)
  • Contains forty-four (44) 12g pouches of TEMPTATIONS Creamy Purrrr-ée with Salmon Cat Treats
  • Irresistibly creamy, these puree cat treats deliver the flavor and texture your cat will come running for
  • Feed this deliciously lickable treat by hand for a playful bonding experience or serve in a bowl to your favorite feline
  • Use as a cat food topper to make their mealtime even more fun
  • Convenient single-serve pouches make daily treating easy… just open the top and squeeze the tube

Cats are certain to enjoy this pureed lickable cat treats from Temptations. The squeeze-up pouches can allow you to enjoy an interactive feeding experience with your kitty, or you can squeeze the contents out into a bowl for them to lap up and enjoy. Chicken, salmon, and tuna flavor options are available, making it also guaranteed that you can find a recipe your kitty will devour.

These lickable treats come in single-serve pouches designed for easy feeding. Depending on your cat’s nutritional needs, you can give them one pouch each day; simply open the top of the pouch and squeeze for pure kitty enjoyment.

In addition to using these as a treat, they can also be used as a food topper to help encourage pickier or underweight cats to eat their main meal. Each purchase of these treats includes 11 packs of 4 pouches, for a total of 44 pouches.

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Delectables Squeeze Up Hartz Cat Treats Variety 6 Pouch Bundle of 3 Flavors; 2 Pouches of Each Flavor (Tuna, Chicken, Tuna & Shrimp; 2.0 oz Each)
  • Includes 2 Delectables Squeeze Up with Tuna (2.0 oz each; contains 4 tubes of 0.5 oz each)
  • Includes 2 Delectables Squeeze Up with Chicken (2.0 oz each; contains 4 tubes of 0.5 oz each)
  • Includes 2 Delectables Squeeze Up with Tuna & Shrimp (2.0 oz each; contains 4 tubes of 0.5 oz each)
  • These squeezable lickable tasty treats for cats are a thick puree of flavors in a convenient tube packet
  • These cat treat snacks can be fed to cats by hand, contents can be squeezed into a bowl, or can be used as a topper on your cat's regular food (not included)

Variety is the spice of life. With these Delectables Squeeze Up Treats from Hartz, your cat can enjoy a little variety in its diet. This variety pack includes 8 tuna squeeze-up pouches, 8 chicken squeeze-up pouches, and 8 tuna & shrimp squeeze-up pouches.

Each flavor is pureed to a thicker consistency, making it perfect to squeeze out and let your cat enjoy. You may decide to enjoy a more interactive feeding experience and let them lick it directly from the pouch, squeeze it into a bowl for them to enjoy, or use it as a food topper to make their meals more appealing and tastier.

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Delectables Stew Senior 10+ Chicken & Tuna Lickable Cat Treat, 1.4-oz, case of 12
  • CONTAINS: This pack of Delectables Stew contains twelve (12) 1.4-ounce lickable cat treats.
  • CATS LICKS THE BOWL CLEAN: These stew cat treats combine tender chicken or succulent fish with a hearty and rich sauce for a cat treat so delicious, even the pickiest cats will lick the bowl clean!
  • SENIOR CAT TREAT NUTRITION: Added Vitamin E and various B vitamins help support your senior cat’s health, plus the small wet flakes make it easier for your cat to enjoy.
  • TASTY TEXTURE FOR CAT TREATS: The meat and sauce are entangled in this tasty wet texture, ensuring your kitty eats the whole cat stew, rather than licking up the sauce and leaving the meat behind.
  • MANY USES: These delectable cat treats can be used as a quick cat snack or a cat food topper to entice finicky eaters. Hartz Delectables Lickable Treats for Senior Cats are also available in stew, savory broths, chowder, soft pate, and squeeze ups.

If your cat is a fan of stews with chunks of meat, the Hartz Delectables Stew Lickable Treats may be the right choice for them. These 1.4-ounce pouches include a thick and yummy sauce mixed with pieces of meat or fish for cats to devour. A mix of flavor options is available including chicken & veggies, tuna & shrimp, tuna & whitefish, chicken & tuna, a variety pack, and formulations specifically for senior kitties.

Your cat will enjoy receiving this stew as a tasty treat, but you can also use it as a food topper for extra encouragement to help him or her eat his main meals each day.

The senior formulas included additional vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin E and vitamin B, to keep seniors healthy.

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Choosing the Best Lickable Cat Treats

If you’re looking for the best lickable cat treats, use the features outlined below to help you select the right treat for your kitty.

Flavor and Consistency

First, consider the flavor of the treats. Does your cat seem to display a preference towards chicken, beef, or seafood? Or, do you think they would enjoy a variety pack with a mixture of delectable flavors?

Quality and Nutrition

Next, consider the overall quality of each choice. Look at the ingredient list to verify that no fillers or artificial ingredients were used to make the treat. You may also want to look for treats made using human-grade meat that will indicate a superior quality that will be the safest and healthiest for your cat.

Keep in mind that the nutritional content of lickable treats can vary from one brand to the next. Consider your cat’s nutritional needs and look for lower-calorie options if they are overweight. On the other hand, if your cat needs to gain weight, choosing a higher calorie lickable cat treat may be a good choice.

Some treats are formulated specifically for senior cats and include ingredients designed to support their aging bodies. For example, these treats may include special vitamins and minerals that seniors need and could help support their digestive systems.


Finally, consider the number of treats in each package and their overall value. If you’re trying something for the first time, it may make sense to order a smaller pack, but if you know your cat will enjoy the treats, consider buying a larger variety pack or quantity of their favorite flavor.

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The Best Lickable Cat Treats: Reviewed for 2021 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is a lickable cat treat?

Lickable cat treats are just what the name sounds like. They are treats designed to be licked by cats. They often have a pureed or stew-like consistency that cats can lick straight out of a squeeze-up pouch, from a bowl, off a wall, or off another surface.

Are lickable cat treats good for cats?

Most lickable cat treats are made without fillers and primarily contain meat, water, and some starch to thicken the puree consistency. Too much starch isn’t great for cats, so as with other treat types, you’ll want to be careful not to overfeed lickable cat treats to your cat.

Who makes lickable cat treats?

Many well-known cat food manufacturers make lickable cat treats. Some manufacturers include Temptations, Hartz, and Friskies.

How do they make lickable cat treats?

Lickable cat treats are made in a similar fashion to wet cat food. Most are made using meat and water that are pureed together and thickened with starch. The mixture is then added to a small pouch, or sometimes a small bowl.

How do you feed lickable cat treats to cats?

Feeding lickable cat treats to cats can be an interactive experience. You can simply squeeze up on the pouch and offer the puree or stew to your cat directly from there to lick. Some pet owners prefer to squeeze the pouch contents into a bowl or even onto a wall for their cats to lick. Squeezing it on a wall or the side of a counter could encourage your cat to stretch up and work harder to get its treat.

Can I feed my cat lickable treats instead of regular cat food?

No, most lickable cat treats are not designed to take the place of a balanced diet for cats. They can be used as a supplement for cats who need some additional calories or as an occasional treat.

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