The Best Soft Cat Treats: Reviewed for 2021

Published: October 5, 2021

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If you have a senior cat or a cat with dental problems, dry cat treats may be too hard and challenging for them to chew. Choosing a soft cat treat can allow cats with no teeth or other chewing problems to enjoy a tasty treat as well. Soft cat treats can also help you hide pills from your cat and get them to eat them on their own mixed in with the treat.

There are numerous kinds of soft cat treats out there from wet treats, natural or organic options, dental treats, training treats, calming treats, treats designed to hold pills and more. Finding the right soft cat treat to match your cats’ diet needs and taste preferences is important. We’re here to help and have reviewed some of the best soft cat treats on the market, so continue reading to discover our top picks and make the right choice for your feline friend.

Verified Review: Our Hands On Experience

We purchased and tested a lot of different soft treats with our cats. We wanted to see how they would enjoy the various wet, natural, organic, training, calming, and dental treats out there before making any recommendations. We also closely evaluated the ingredients and overall quality of each of the treats we tested before narrowing down our options and recommending the products below. Here are a few other pros and cons we noted about each treat option:

  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Soft-Moist Cat Treats Variety Pack: Most of our cats enjoyed the taste of these treats, and we felt good knowing we were feeding them a healthy, real-meat, and grain-free option. However, some of our picky eaters seemed to turn their nose up at these on occasion.
  • Pounce Moist Cat Treats: We liked that these treats were soft and pliable enough to hide pills in for our cats. This made giving medication much easier. Of course, our pickier cat seemed to be a hold out for these at times as well.
  • Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Soft Chews for Dogs and Cats: One of our kittens gets very stressed-out during trips to the vet. We decided to give these treats a try and were pleased with how much they helped keep him calm. However, when we tried them with one of our other cats who is also more stressed by traveling in the car, they didn’t seem to help him out.

The Top Picks for the Best Soft Cat Treats: Ranked

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Soft-Moist Grain-Free Cat Treats Variety Pack - 4 Flavors (Chicken & Duck, Chicken & Trout, Chicken & Salmon, and Chicken & Turkey) - 2 Oz Each (4 Total Pouches)
  • 4 Pack - One of Each Flavor (Chicken & Duck, Chicken & Trout, Chicken & Salmon, and Chicken & Turkey)
  • Made with REAL Meat
  • No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors - Free from by-product meals
  • Soft & Moist - Contains no corn, soy, or wheat
  • 2 Ounces Each (4 Total Pouches)

Our overall favorite soft cat treats are the Blue Buffalo Wilderness treats. This variety pack includes four tasty flavors that cats will enjoy: chicken & duck, chicken & trout, chicken & turkey, and chicken & salmon. All of these flavors are made using real meat, so you can feel confident that you’re feeding your cat a healthy, yet delicious, treat.

Blue Buffalo doesn’t use any by-product meals in their treats. These are also free of artificial colors, artificial flavors, and artificial preservatives. The grain-free formula also does not contain any soy, wheat, or corn.

Senior kitties or other cats who don’t enjoy the crunch of dry treats are sure to be pleased with the taste and texture of this choice.

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Pounce 2 Pack of Moist Cat Treats, 6.5 Ounces Each, Seafood Medley Flavor
  • Moist texture that all cats will love
  • Great for elderly cats or those with teeth or gum sensitivity
  • Satisfy your kitty's craving for real tuna and salmon flavors and transport them to the seaside
  • Bite sized treats, perfect for rewarding, training, or pampering
  • 2-PACK

If your cat has missing teeth or gum and tooth sensitivity, we think they’ll enjoy the Pounce Moist Cat treats. These treats are formulated to be soft and easy for cats to enjoy.

Each treat is small and perfectly sized to reward cats or use for training. The smaller size can allow you to give your kitty a little something special without feeding them too many extra calories and worrying about them putting on excess weight.

The Pounce Moist Cat treats come in a pack of two 6.5-ounce jars. They have a yummy tuna and salmon flavor that most cats should enjoy.

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Pet Naturals - Calming for Cats, Behavioral Support Supplement, 30 Bite Size Chews
  • Our proprietary blend includes Thiamine, C3 (Colostrum Calming Complex) and L-Theanine to produce a relaxed and calm state.
  • Calming for Cats contains NO wheat, corn or artificial ingredients.
  • Recommended for high stress situations including travel, visits to the veterinarian, boarding, thunderstorms or other out of the ordinary outside stimuli.
  • Safe to double or triple the dosing for times of increased stress.

Cats dealing with stress or anxiety may benefit from these Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Soft Chews. These may be a vet-recommended pick for cats with ongoing issues, or as a temporary solution during thunderstorms, travels, or veterinary visits.

The treats are formulated with Thiamine, a Colostrum Calming Biopeptide Blend Complex, and L-Theanine to help reduce the stress or anxiety cats are feeling. Small doses can be given daily, and you can even increase the dosage when you know a particularly stressful event will be occurring that day.

No corn, wheat, or artificial ingredients are found in these treats, making them a safe option for your kitty.

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Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Soft Cat Treats

We put together a brief buying guide to help you choose the best cat treats for your kitty. Use the features outlined below to guide you as you search to ensure you and your cat are happy with the treats you select.


The first thing you need to do before purchasing soft cat treats for your cat is to think about your purpose for looking for soft treats. Are you simply looking for something tasty that your cat will enjoy, or do you need treats for training, helping your kitty calm down, or dental treats to help keep their teeth healthy?

Also, consider whether you are shopping for kittens or adult cats. The nutritional needs of kittens are different from those of adult cats, so the right treats may vary.

If your cat is on a grain-free diet, keep this in mind as well as look for grain-free soft treat options.


Next, consider the flavor(s) of the different treats you’re looking at. If your cat seems to have a preference towards some flavors or an aversion towards others, keep this in mind and select flavors you think they’ll enjoy. Soft cat treats come in many flavors including chicken, salmon, tuna, turkey, and more.


Finally, consider the quality and nutritional content of each treat. Look for treats made without artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and by-products. Choose options featuring real, wholesome meat that will keep your kitty healthy.

You may also wish to consider looking for all-natural or organic ingredients in the treats you choose.

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The Best Soft Cat Treats: Reviewed for 2021 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What are the softest cat treats?

There are a number of different soft cat treats available on the market. Soft cat treats are formulated with more moisture than dry cat treats, making them easier to eat. Our favorite soft cat treat is the Blue Buffalo Soft-Moist Grain-Free Cat Treats.

How can I make soft cat treats at home?

To make your own soft cat treats, try pureeing some meat with some water together. Skip raw ingredients, such as eggs, that may be added to dry treats that will need to be cooked. Rather, just scoop out some of the pureed mixtures and feed it to your cat in a bowl.

What do vets recommend for soft cat treats?

If you ask a vet what treats they’ll recommend, they’ll likely tell you to check the ingredients list. Look for treats that are made without fillers, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or artificial preservatives. You can also consider looking for treats made with natural or organic ingredients to give your cat the healthiest option possible.

The exact treats a vet will recommend will also vary based on the circumstances and the specific needs of each cat. Recommendations will vary depending on whether you’re looking for a calming treat, treats to use for training your cat, dental treats, treats to hide pills, or grain-free options to match the diet needs of your cat.

What cat treats are bad for cats?

When choosing cat treats, avoid purchasing any that have too much sodium or ones that have too many calories. Too much sodium (salt) in treats can make cats too thirsty and cause excessive drinking. Too many calories can cause cats to become overweight or lead to other health concerns.

Giving cats too much people food is also not good for them. Some foods we eat can be toxic for cats, and our food isn’t formulated to meet a cat’s diet needs.

What treats can I give my cat with no teeth?

If your cat has no teeth or is missing numerous teeth, chewing will be difficult for them. Choosing wet or lickable cat treats can allow you to still give him a taste of something special while ensuring he’ll be able to eat it safely.

Does Friskies make soft cat treats?

No, at this time it doesn’t appear that Friskies makes soft cat treats. If you are a fan of Friskies cat food, you can consider choosing soft treats from a different company and sticking with Friskies food for your cat’s main diet.

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