Top Baby Yoda Dog Costumes: Reviewed for 2021

Published: September 4, 2021

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Do you want to dress up your dog in a Baby Yoda costume? Read this guide to see our top selections for the best Baby Yoda costumes for your favorite pup.

Cutest Alien Ever

When Disney released the last entry in the long-running Star Wars franchise, The Mandalorian, one character stole moviegoers’ hearts. The baby Mandalorian, known as “the child” in the movie, became an overnight sensation.

Dubbed “Baby Yoda” by adoring fans, the alien baby quickly became a favorite among meme-makers and people who didn’t otherwise care about Star Wars. The cute baby, whose name is Grogu, is a natural fit for a dog costume. After all, our dogs are cute. Why not dress them up as one of the cuddliest movie characters?

A Baby Yoda dog costume will be a hit on Halloween, at theme parties, or on walks around your neighborhood.

Our Hands-On Experience

All our product reviews begin with in-house testing of the product. We consulted with dog owners who were looking for fun ways to dress up their dogs.

To choose the best Baby Yoda dog costume, we kept the following requirements in mind.

Safety: A dog costume must be free from sharp fasteners, zippers, buttons, or anything your dog might accidentally bite. The fabric should be breathable, soft, and comfortable for a dog to wear.

Ease of use: Does the costume go on easily, or will you be fighting your dog to get it on? Struggling to get a costume on is no way to get your costume party started. The costume had to be easy to fasten. We gave bonus points if it was also easy to clean.

Fit: Do the sizes deliver as promised? Some human costumes run very small for their size, and we found the same often happened with dog costumes. Most of the costumes on our list were true to size. Where they weren’t, we’ve noted that in our description.

Style: If you’re parading around your pup as Baby Yoda, you want an eye-catching costume that will make your pooch stand out.

We love the Zoo Snoods costume because it hits all these marks. It has a unique style, it’s comfortable, and it’s easy to put on. Best of all, it contains nothing that could harm your dog.

Top Picks for a Baby Yoda Dog Costume

Zoo Snoods Baby Alien Dog Costume - No Flap Ear Wrap Hood for Pets (Small)
  • Handmade knit dog snood that keeps your pet’s neck and ears warm and protected from dirt, moisture, and cold winter weather.
  • This costume fits most small dogs (including extra-small teacup dogs) weighing between 5-15 lbs with head circumference measuring between 8-13 inches. The length of the costume in this size is approximately 6 inches.
  • Small size recommended breeds: Chihuahuas, Mini Terriers, Mini Dacshunds, Mini Poodles, Mini Pinschers, Whippets, Yorkies, Most Teacup breeds, and even Cats.
  • Made with super soft yarn that ensures warmth and comfort, and won’t cause allergies or hurt your pet in any way.
  • Make sure to double check our size guide and measure your pet to pick the right size option. Every dog is different, and head size may be very different for each dog.

The Zoo Snoods Baby Alien Costume is a hand-knitted neck and ear warmer in a brilliant shade of alien green. The company probably can’t use the name “Baby Yoda” because it’s trademarked, but it’s clear the warmer was inspired by that favorite green character.

This is a beautiful, high-quality item that will help your pup stay warm on cold days. Acrylic yarn is incredibly soft and comfortable. It’s also easy to clean.

This adorable costume is perfect for Halloween, Star Wars conventions, or any chilly day. Why wait for a special occasion to dress up your dog like everyone’s favorite baby alien?

Zoo Snoods is a California company that specializes in handmade ear-warmers for dogs. This costume contains no buttons, zippers, or strings that might hurt your dog. It’s only one piece, which makes it easy to put on any dog.

It comes in three sizes, and we recommend you use the manufacturer’s size guide to get the right one for your pet.

  • Hand knitted.
  • Beautiful, unique style.
  • Comfortable for your pooch to wear.
  • 100% acrylic yarn.
  • Will fit most dog breeds.
  • Easy to put on.

Click here to check out Zoo Snoods Baby Alien Dog Costume on

This official Star Wars-branded product will make your dog look like he stepped out of a movie. This is a full costume that comes with a headpiece and a shirt.

The shirt part is a full-coverage dog sweatshirt that looks like Baby Yoda’s little furred coat. It’s soft and plush, and it will keep any dog cozy on a cold Halloween night. Furry cuffs and a collar add to the total Mandalorian look. The coat has a buttonless attachment that closes easily.

The headpiece is the finishing touch. In green and pink, it features Baby Yoda’s big eyes and long ears. You sit the headpiece on your dog’s head and transform her magically into a little Baby Yoda.

This is a step-in costume, so you will need a cooperative dog to use it.

On the downside, we found the larger costumes we tested ran small for their stated size. It was a little difficult trying to squeeze our test doggies into the costume. Sizing seems to be better on small and medium dogs.

It was also a little tricky to keep the headpiece on the dog’s head.

  • Soft polyester fabric.
  • Official Star Wars licensed costume.
  • Warm and comfortable.
  • Sizes run small.
  • Headpiece falls off.

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Star Wars Yoda Costume for Dogs, Small (S) | Hooded and Comfortable Green Yoda Dog Costumes for All Dogs | Dog Halloween Star Wars Dog Costume for Small Dogs | See Sizing Chart for More Info
  • TOP DOG HALLOWEEN COSTUME — This Star Wars costume for dogs is a top pick for Halloween and can be worn all year round too, making it the best Halloween costume for dogs
  • HIGH QUALITY DOG CLOTHES FOR SMALL DOGS — This super soft, extra comfortable dog costumes for small dogs is made to fit your small sized dog and small dog breeds. Please see sizing chart for more information
  • STAR OF THE STAR WARS DOG COSTUME PARTY — If you want your pup to stand out among the funny dog costumes this year's Halloween party, dress them up in this Yoda costume for all dogs
  • ITCH-FREE YODA DOG COSTUME — This Star Wars dog costume is made from comfortable, itch-free material that will make it an item of pet clothes your dog wants to wear
  • DOG COSTUMES WITH AN ADORABLE HOOD — This Star Wars dog costume includes a cute dog clothes hood that is simply adorable, making it an item of cute dog stuff for all dogs

Although this isn’t specifically Baby Yoda, it is a Yoda costume meant for small dogs that could easily work as a Baby Yoda dog costume. Made from soft, lightweight polyester, it is a good choice if you don’t want something too warm.

This two-piece costume features an adorable hood in light green with pointed, fluffy ears for that sweet Baby Yoda look. You simply slide the hood onto your dog’s head. Testing found that it was comfortable for most dogs and stayed on securely.

The shirt is made from a smooth polyester fabric designed to be itch-free. It would be nice, non-irritating for dogs with sensitive skin. If your dog finds knitted or plush fabrics too heavy or scratchy, this would work.

The shirt portion is step-in, but it doesn’t cover the dog’s legs. It goes on easily and fastens without buttons or ties.

We found two things that kept us from giving this a five-star review. First, it’s only available in smaller sizes. Second, some testers thought the fabric of the shirt felt cheap, especially for the price. A dog costume should be sturdy, and our testers thought this fabric wouldn’t hold up.

  • Smooth, 100% polyester fabric.
  • Cap stays on securely without binding.
  • Officially licensed Star Wars product.
  • Easy to put on.
  • Only available in smaller sizes.

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How To Enjoy Your Baby Yoda Dog Costume

Have fun stepping out with your dressed-up dog with these handy tips.

How To Choose the Right Size for Your Dog Costume

Most dog costume manufacturers have sizing charts that help you find the right size costume for your pooch.

Most dog costumes come in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. You will need three measurements to get the right size.

Neck: Measure your dog’s neck as if you were measuring it for a collar. Keep the measuring tape loose. You don’t want a costume that is tight on your dog’s neck.

Chest: Measure your dog’s chest at its widest point. Most costumes fasten on the dog’s chest, so you need this part to fit correctly.

Length: Measure your dog from neck to tail.

If your pup is heavy, you may need to go up a size.

Getting Your Dog To Wear a Baby Yoda Dog Costume

Many dogs love the attention they get from wearing cute or funny costumes. If your dog needs a little coaxing, consider these steps.

  • Let your dog practice wearing the costume before the big day.
  • Be patient. If your dog isn’t used to wearing costumes, take it slowly.
  • Use dog treats and lots of praise. If your dog associates treats and praise with the dog costume, your job will be much easier.
  • Once the costume is on, tell your dog how great he looks. The tone of your voice will tell him how proud you are.
  • Let her walk around in the costume at home before you take her out in public.

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Top Baby Yoda Dog Costumes: Reviewed for 2021 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What are the best materials for a dog costume?

The best materials are polyester, acrylic, or cotton, which are all lightweight and easy to wear. Your choice depends on whether your dog prefers a cuddly, plush outfit or a lightweight one.

How do you know if a costume will be comfortable?

Here are some features to look for:

  • Soft, breathable material.
  • Comfortable leg holes that don’t bind or rub.
  • Styling that keeps the dog’s tail free.
  • Headpieces that don’t cover the dog’s eyes or mouth.
  • No zippers, metal fasteners or sharp pieces.

How can you be sure the costume is safe for your dog to wear?

Always keep an eye on your dog to make sure the costume isn’t binding or irritating her. Don’t leave the costume on too long, and remove it if she looks uncomfortable.

If your dog has allergies or sensitive skin, it may be better to use a costume that doesn’t cover the dog’s whole body.

Use common sense. Don’t make your dog carry props that could hurt his mouth. Don’t dye your dog’s fur to match the costume. Take the costume off if your dog is unhappy wearing it.

You want a great-looking costume, but your dog’s comfort and safety should always come first.

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