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If you’re looking to adopt a new dog, you may be trying to decide between a Bernedoodle and a Goldendoodle. Both of these breeds are Poodle mixes and share some similar characteristics. However, since Bernedoodles have one parent that is a Bernese Mountain Dog and Goldendoodles have one parent that is a Golden Retriever, there […] Read More

There are many ways to measure strength, and this fact stands true across the animal kingdom as well. Every animal has to eat, and there are few things more terrifying than staring down the maw of a hungry predator. On this list of the top 10 strongest animal bite forces in the world, we’ll rank […] Read More

Every animal is interesting, but some animals are more interesting than others. The fascination may come from the way the animal looks, behaves, reproduces, or a combination of some or all of those characteristics. This blog takes a look at nine of the most fascinating animals in the world and examines what makes them so […] Read More

Playful, agile, sleek, and compassionate: dolphins have both fascinated and confused people for thousands of years. The Roman author Pliny the Elder, writing around 77 AD, referred to dolphins and whales as fish in his “Natural History” book. While the confusion still runs rampant today, it is actually a wonderful testament to the diversity of […] Read More

The art of cool. Who doesn’t want to think they have a firm grasp of what it takes to be cool? We like to practice and hope to perfect the skill. Our wardrobe, the walk, the dance, our Top Gun shades. Many of us aim — struggle — to project cool. But the best cool […] Read More

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s a good bet that most people would consider the following animals some of the fairest of them all. Of course, in most cases, the beauty of these beasts didn’t arise to please the human eye, but to provide camouflage or warning or make the animal […] Read More

As climates and circumstances change, species must either evolve or fall victim to any number of threats to their existence. Habitat loss, excessive hunting, and disease are all potential hazards faced by many animals in the world both past and present. In this article, we will discuss the 10 rarest animals in the world that […] Read More

Animals are always on the move. But sometimes, animals’ instincts drive them to make arduous, dangerous, and incredible treks in search of food, water, or better weather – not as a single animal, but as a group. These travels are known as migrations. Some animal migrations take place once a year, others every day. Some […] Read More

The sea bunny, whose scientific name is Jorunna parva, is a species of soft-bodied, shell-less, marine-based slugs. Although first described by Japanese zoologist Kikutaro Baba in the 1930s, these cute, fluffy, and wiggly little marine organisms rose to prominence on social media when people began to notice their remarkable resemblance to a rabbit. Measuring less […] Read More

We tend to associate anything tiny creature that creeps us out as a bug, an insect. Spiders certainly fall into that list. So much so there’s even a scientific term (not to mention a kabillion movies), that reminds us why we ought to be afraid: arachnophobia. But are spiders insects? Read on. We may surprise […] Read More

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