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Subscribe to A-Z Animals

A-Z Animals is funded entirely through the advertising on our website, we have no alternate sources of income and therefore this advertising is essential to maintain and grow the website.

We understand advertising can be distracting, particularly in a learning environment. Therefore we have developed a range of subscription options to enable you to use the A-Z Animals website without advertising.

Our subscription options depend on the number of devices (computers, tablets, phones) you would like to access the website with simultaneously.

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If you are a personal user, you only need to subscribe for 1 device and you can still use the A-Z Animals website without advertising across your devices. If you are using multiple devices simultaneously, such as in a classroom situation, then your subscription will need to accommodate all of these devices.

If you exceed the number of devices allowed under your subscription then the first device will revert to being shown advertising. This means you can continue using your ad removal URL on different devices - each time you use a new device you simply need to re-visit your ad removal URL to continue using the website without advertising.

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