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Pet Insurance for Multiple PetsPet Insurance for Multiple PetsLearn moreJust like how we humans have health insurance, something similar is available for your pets! Policies that cover numerous cats and… Read More

By Arnel Franco 3 hours ago

Can Dogs Eat Cicadas? Picture

Can Dogs Eat Cicadas?Can Dogs Eat Cicadas?Learn moreBrood X is a swarm of ‘periodic cicadas’ that only emerge once every 17 years to breed. It’s one of the most widespread… Read More

By Shirley Anciro 3 hours ago

Meet 10 Deep Sea SharksMeet 10 Deep Sea SharksLearn moreMany of these sharks live so deep that they are rarely seen and have barely been studied, and it’s entirely possible… Read More

By Arnel Franco 17 hours ago

How Big Do Maltipoos Get?How Big Do Maltipoos Get?Learn moreAmong other small breed dogs, Maltipoos are famous for being affectionate and maintaining a small size. However, like every other animal,… Read More

By Arnel Franco 1 day ago

10 Incredible Tortoise Facts10 Incredible Tortoise FactsLearn moreTortoises belong to the family of Testudinidae. While all tortoises are turtles, not all turtles are tortoises. They range in size from just… Read More

By Arnel Franco 2 days ago