10 Incredible Badger Facts

Badgers spend most of their life in complex underground tunnels. They hang out in nesting chambers called a sett, and things can get cozy. Badgers of all ages live together and ass many as 23 members might be living in a sett.

However, some have as few as two residents. Whatever size group it is, new members are a common occurrence as a female badger can have as many as five babies in one litter.

1. Badgers Can Weigh Over 20 LB

First, on our list of incredible badger facts, let’s talk size. A full-grown adult badger can weigh as much as 26 lb! On the smaller side, they can weigh as little as 8.8 lb. However, a typical badger is between 1.7ft to 2.8ft long.

2. Badgers Are Built for Defense

All badger species, including the American badger, are ready to fight. Their thick fur and muscular necks help them fight off even the strongest prey. They have multiple defense systems, with vocalization being one.

3. A Badger in Utah Buried an Entire Cow

A badger in Utah impressed everyone when he buried an entire cow carcass. This is the first recorded occurrence of an American badger burying such a large animal.

4. Badgers Hang With a Rough Crowd

Badgers have a unique friend circle that includes large animals. For instance, in certain parts of the United States, you can find badgers and coyotes hunting together. However, the alliances aren’t long-lived.