10 Incredible Greyhound Facts

According to definitions, greyhounds are “S-shaped” sighthounds that are tall, muscular, smooth-coated, have a long tail, and have sturdy feet.”

Unlike closely related sighthounds, like the Italian greyhound, greyhounds are a distinct breed. For 10 incredible facts about greyhounds, continue reading.

1. Greyhounds Have a Variety of Coat Colors

Greyhounds come in over 55 different patterns, with 18 base colors to choose from. Gray canines are the rarest because they were bred out of existence due to a false belief that they were slower than other colors.

2. Greyhounds Burn So Many Calories When They Run, They Lose Weight

Your dog can burn roughly 3.75 calories per pound of body weight if he is healthy enough to run for a full half-hour. In one study, dogs were put on a treadmill and walked through water tanks to measure their heart rates.

3. While Running, Greyhounds Spend Most of Their Time in the Air

Due to the double suspension rotary gallop previously mentioned, greyhounds spend 75% of their time in the air while running. When running, a greyhound utilizes its tail as a rudder.

4. They Have a World Record for Highest Jump

For a long time, Cinderella May, also known as Soaring Cindy, a greyhound, held the Guinness World Record for the Highest Jump by a dog, clearing 68 inches. That is more than 5.5 feet!

5. They Are Considered One of the Kindest Pets

One of the top ten most gentle dog breeds is the greyhound, known for its gentleness. Thanks to their inherently gentle demeanor, greyhounds are the ideal canine companions for kids, other dogs, and some cats.