5 of the Snakes in the Blue Ridge Mountains

While there are at least 20 species of snakes living in the Blue Ridge Mountains, only two of them are venomous. However, both are shy and rarely encountered by humans.

Let’s learn more about some of these reptilian residents by looking at 5 of the 10 snakes in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Timber rattlesnakes can grow up to 72 inches in length with thick, heavy bodies. Because of their large size, these rattlesnakes can inject a lot of venom when they bite.

Timber Rattlesnake

Copperhead snakes are relatively large snakes, measuring 36-48 inches long with copper-red heads and hourglass-shaped patterns on their backs and sides.

Copperhead Snake

Northern water snakes grow 24-54 inches long with gray, brown, tan, reddish-brown, or brownish-black bodies patterned with dark splotches or bands.

Northern Water Snake

Like their name, black kingsnakes have glossy black or dark brown bodies that grow 36-48 inches long.

Black Kingsnake

Measuring 24-36 inches long with gray, brown, or tan bodies, eastern milk snakes will have either blotches or banded patterns along their backs.

Eastern Milk Snake