6 Black Spiders in Michigan

Spiders can be found in every state across the US, including Michigan. Although these creepy arachnids can be terrifying, the vast majority of them aren’t dangerous.

Black and brown are the most common colors for spiders, but how can you tell them apart? We will take a look at six black spiders in Michigan, if they’re venomous or nonvenomous, and where they live.

1. Northern Black Widow

They have red patterns on their bellies, usually in the shape of an hourglass, although, in northern variants, the pattern isn’t whole.

2. Parson Spider

These spiders are usually black but also come in shades of brown. They are medium-sized spiders with hair across their bodies. Parson spiders don’t use webs.

3. Zebra Spider

Zebra spiders can be found all over, but they prefer habitats with open areas to hunt. Rock faces, tree trunks, walls, and gardens are all popular places to find these arachnids.