Snake Names: 77 Incredible Names For Your Pet Snake

Pet snakes are growing in popularity around the world! They are low maintenance, fun to handle, and one of the most unique and expressive pets you can get.

Here are some incredible names for your snake, specifically written for anyone getting a new pet OR for anyone who happens to temporarily find one in their yard this year. Let’s get started.

Naming your pet snake

Is just as important as picking the right kind of snake. There are a few things to think about when considering your snake’s name.

20+ Incredible Names For Your Pet Snake

We have broken this name down by category. Take a look at the options here!

Color-based names

– Greenie – Pinky – Ebony  – Obsidian – Copper

Species-based names

Ball Pythons – Bam Bam – Pie – Noodle – Curly – Peter – Pam

Size-based names

For large snakes – Fatty – Phat – Slinky – Chunk – Chunky