8 Orange Cat Breeds & Orange Cat Names

Like blue eyes, orange fur is a recessive gene and tends to appear in some cat breeds more than others.

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With that in mind, here are eight of the most interesting orange cat breeds along with ideas for how to name them.

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Turkish Angora — Royal Poise, Playful Mind

These cats have a playful personality and a playful streak throughout their lives.

Suggested Orange Cat Name: Poppy

Once a popular girl’s name in the early 20th century, poppy flowers are also grown in Turkey and can sometimes manifest vividly orange petals.


British Shorthair — A Common Breed That’s Uncommonly Calm

The British Shorthair is known to form tight bonds with its family.

Suggested Orange Cat Name: Gingersnap

The recipe for the comforting cookie known as gingersnaps was brought to America by English settlers, likely on ships with British longhairs aboard.


Munchkin Cat — Mischievous Little Felines

The Munchkin Cat is known for its toy hoarding habits.


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