Aardvark vs. Armadillo: What Are The Differences?

Aardvarks and armadillos may look a bit similar. Infact, both animlas are mammals, but these two animals don’t share much else in common!

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Let’s take a deep dive into what the differences are between them while also learning a bit about both.

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Aardvark Vs Armadillo: Range

The armadillo is a New World animal while the aardvark is found in Africa.

Aardvark Vs Armadillo: Diet

Armadillos eat bugs, larvae, and plants, while aardvarks exclusively eat ants and termites.

Aardvark Vs Armadillo: Armor and Protection

Aardvarks don’t have natural armor like armadillos are famous for.

Aardvark Vs Armadillo: Active Hours

Aardvarks are most productive in the early night while armadillos are more active late at night.


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