Alocasia Amazonica vs. Polly: Is There a Difference?



Today, we will address whether the alocasia amazonica and alocasia polly are related, as well as if they are different in any ways. We will go over their physical descriptions and what they are typically used for.

Alocasia Amazonica vs. Polly: Classification

Alocasia Amazonica: Alocasia amazonica Polly: Alocasia amazonica Polly

Alocasia Amazonica vs. Polly: Description

Alocasia Amazonica: Heart or arrowhead-shaped leaves in a deep green shade, with gray-white veins. Polly: Heart-shaped leaves in a mild shade of green, with veins and a glossy appearance.

Alocasia Amazonica vs. Polly: Uses

Alocasia Amazonica: Popular indoor houseplant but can grow too large for some homes Polly: Popular houseplant but can also be planted outdoors in zones 3-11

Alocasia Amazonica vs. Polly: Origin and Growing Preferences

Alocasia Amazonica: Originated in Southeast Asia; enjoys plenty of humidity and bright light, as well as fertilizer Polly: Originated in Southeast Asia; enjoys bright, indirect light, humidity, and moisture.


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