Amazing! 12 Types of Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist

Hybrid animals are usually the reproductive result of intercourse between two similar animals, like lions and tigers. Lab hybrid animals also exist.

Check out the list below for 12 real examples of incredible hybrid animals.

Liger: Male Lion and Female Tiger

The offspring of a male lion and female tiger, the liger is probably the most famous hybrid animal of all and the largest of the big cats.

Tigon: Male Tiger and Female Lion

A tigon is the offspring of a male tiger and a female lion. Tigons are much smaller than ligers, and they tend to be smaller than both of their parents.

Beefalo: Buffalo and Cow Hybrid

Typically, beefalo are 37.5% bison and mostly resemble cattle. Some breeds are 50% or more bison and sometimes called “cattalo.”

Zebroid: Zebra and Horse

Technically, a zebroid is actually a hybrid of a zebra and any equine species. When paired with a horse, the result is called a “zorse.”