Antelope vs. Deer: What Are the Differences?

So, what are the differences between an antelope vs deer? Take a closer look at these animal families and see what sets them apart from one another.

Antelope vs Deer: Size

Antelope: Weight: 110lbs to 2,000lbs, Height: 3ft to 5ft at the shoulder, capable of reaching up to 9ft.

Deer: Weight: 22lbs-900lbs Height: 2ft-4ft at the shoulder

Antelope vs Deer: Family

Antelope: Bovidae - a group that includes elk, moose, reindeer, and the roe deer.

Deer: Cervidae - more closely related to cattle, bison, and buffalo than they are to deer.

Antelope vs Deer: Speed

The top speed of an antelope is 55 mph, but the fastest deer will reach about 40mph when sprinting.

Antelope vs Deer: Antler Morphology

Antelope: Horns that do not branch but usually curve backward. Horns range in length up to 28 inches.

Deer: Long, branching antlers with many points

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