Are Black Widows Poisonous or Dangerous?

Black widows live in urban areas, woodlands, deserts, and grasslands in the United States. They are most notable for their striking appearance and alleged propensity to eat their own kind.

Have you ever wondered if this is true? How dangerous is the black widow really and could a bite from one be poisonous? Find out here!

Are Black Widows Dangerous?

The black widow spider is a shy and non-aggressive species of spider, not considered dangerous unless provoked.

Are Black Widows Poisonous?

Black widows use their venom to subdue and consume prey. Toxin alpha-larotoxin, found in widow venom, induces unfavorable effects in its victims.

What Do Black Widows Look Like?

Male and female black widow spiders look quite different, as is the case with many other spider species.

How Serious Is A Black Widow Bite?

Some people are mildly affected, while others are severely afflicted. You may experience significant pain, burning, swelling, and redness.

What to do if you think you’ve been bitten by a black widow spider:

– Use soap and water to properly clean the bite. – If at all feasible, elevate the site of the bite.