Are Monitor Lizards Dangerous?

Being so large, you might have wondered: Are monitor lizards are dangerous to humans? Monitor lizards belong to the genus of Varanus and are some of the largest lizards in the world.

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Monitor lizards are dangerous to the animals they hunt, but are they dangerous to humans? Let’s find out how dangerous these giant reptiles are. 

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Are Monitor Lizards Dangerous 

Monitor lizards are usually dangerous when provoked but their bite is not fatal to humans.

Monitor Lizards Bite 

A monitor lizard’s bite is one of its most dangerous traits and it can cause severe pain. This species is venomous and its bite can kill its prey. 

Largest Monitor Lizards Species   

Komodo dragons can grow to be three meters in length. Even though they are so big, Komodo dragons can be very fast when they are hunting prey.

Most Dangerous Monitor Lizards  

The Komodo Dragon is the largest lizard in the world, and also one of the most dangerous monitor lizards.


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