Are Mountain Lions Nocturnal? Where Do Mountain Lions Sleep Anyway?

Known to be a solitary animal, mountain lions need a lot of space to call their own, which is abundant in certain parts of the country.

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They come in various colors, depending on their location and heritage. This includes brown, tan, white, and sometimes even black, depending on what part of the world you are in.

What Do Mountain Lions Look Like?

A mountain lion’s prime prey of choice is white-tailed deer, and deer are mostly considered crepuscular to nocturnal, so they are active at times that mountain lions are hunting. Crepuscular means that an animal is active the most at twilight, or dusk, right as the sun sets and the world is receding into the night. Nocturnal means an animal is active mainly at night when the world is quiet, and the moon reigns over the land.

Are Mountain Lions Nocturnal?

Commonly, a mountain lion would lay in wait for the prey for periods of up to 45 minutes at a time. They would travel a mean of around .8 miles during the process to track their prey and wait for the right time to strike, hopefully not giving up their presence before the plunge.

How Do Mountain Lions Hunt in the Night?

When it comes to mountain lions, though, they don’t sleep in dens as many people assume. They also aren’t curling up in any boxes either. Instead, they don’t usually have one set home. Their territories tend to range across 100 miles, and they regularly patrol along the length of it.

Where Do Mountain Lions Sleep?

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