Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Out of all the animals that are seen in the suburbs and cities, raccoons are often one of the most ubiquitous. With their distinctive masks and chubby features.

We’re here to answer the question of whether or not raccoons are dangerous and to identify how humans can coexist safely with them.

Do Raccoons Attack Humans?

Yet stories of raccoon attacks tend to persist. A large part of that has to do with how raccoons react to threats.

Do Raccoons Pose a Threat to Pets?

The pets that are most likely going to be at risk are potential prey like rabbits and chickens. If you’re raising smaller creatures like this in your yard.

Do Raccoons Have Any Other Risk Factors?

The most serious of these is rabies which can be fatal, cause raccoons to act erratically, and be spread to humans or pets through a bite or scratch.

How Can Raccoon Encounters Be Prevented?

Inspect your home for any openings that could fit a raccoon and especially for nooks and crannies that could serve as nests.