Are Reindeer Real? Find Out Here!

Reindeer have long been adored throughout history. In 1823, Charles Dickens made the first mention of Santa’s renowned eight reindeer in a poem. 

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You might be wondering, are reindeer real and what is fantasy vs. reality when it comes to these incredible animals?

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Yes, Reindeer Are Real!

Yes! Reindeer are real and are classified as mammals. Reindeer and caribou are the same species (Rangifer tarandus). 

Can Real Reindeer Fly?

No. Reindeer are mammals and cannot fly. Squirrels glide on a flap of skin, and bats, the only mammals with actual wings, can fly. 

Where Are Reindeer from Originally?

Reindeer are originally from Scandinavia and eastern Europe and Greenland. 


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