Bahia Grass vs.  Bermuda Grass: What Are Their Differences?

Bermuda grass and Bahia grass look very similar to each other. They have a similar-shaped leaf that is nearly identical and grow in the same pattern. It is no wonder that many people think they are the same plant.

But these two kinds of grass thrive in different regions and are used in different applications. Let us break down the similarities and differences now.


Bahia Grass: Bahia, grass, common bahia, Pensacola bahia. Bermuda Grass: Bermuda grass, Dhoob, durva grass, crabgrass, dogs tooth grass, couch grass, wire grass, scutch grass.

Native Region

Bahia Grass: Mexico and South America. Bermuda Grass: Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia.

Growing Requirements

Bahia Grass: Tolerant of sandy soil, heat, and drought. Likes full sun or partial shade. Fertilize once in spring. Bermuda Grass: Tolerant of salt and drought. Likes full sun or slight shade. Fertilize every month. No acidic soil.