Bunny vs. Rabbit –  Main Differences

You know about the Easter Bunny and Bugs Bunny, but what exactly is a bunny? Is it a miniature rabbit or another species entirely?

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In fact, “bunny” is an informal name for a rabbit, but it usually refers to a young rabbit or a baby. Baby bunnies have other names, but many people refer to rabbits and hares as bunnies.

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Bunny vs. Rabbit: Diet

Baby bunnies start by feeding on their mother’s milk. Adult rabbits have a more varied diet. In the wild, they regularly forage for many types of vegetation. 

Bunny vs. Rabbit: Coat

The colors of a baby bunny’s coat don’t show what color it will be as an adult. Many bunnies start at one color and develop another when they become adults.

Bunny vs. Rabbit: Name

Baby rabbits are called kittens, kits, or kitties. They are also called bunnies, but that’s not an official name. Rabbits are sometimes called coneys, cottontails, or jackrabbits.


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