Can Dogs Eat Beans? Which Beans are Most Dangerous?

So is it safe for dogs to eat beans, and if so, how should you serve them to your pet? Read on to find answers to these questions and more.

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Yes, It is safe for dogs to eat beans. Dogs are omnivorous, which means they have evolved to eat both animal and plant matter. Their diet is quite similar to that of their human owners.

Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Beans?

Lima beans: Lima beans are also known as butter beans. This large bean sold in dried or frozen forms can be easily added to your homemade dog diet. Green beans: While most varieties of beans should be cooked first before they’re served, dogs can eat green beans raw.

Types of Beans That Are Safe For Dogs

Cooked kidney beans: Raw kidney beans can be toxic to dogs. However, you can serve your pet cooked kidney beans as a healthy alternative. Chickpeas (Garbanzo beans): This is a particularly nutritious variety of beans that can be great for dogs.

Types of Beans That Are Safe For Dogs

Lentil: This is another legume that is safe for dogs, especially when consumed in moderation. Navy beans: Dried navy beans can be cooked for dogs at home. Note that there’s a canned form of this bean, and you might also find it in stores. Pinto beans: This is a creamy brown bean common in Mexican cuisines.

Types of Beans That Are Safe For Dogs

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