Can Dogs Eat Clementines and Other Citrus Safely?

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Small oranges known as clementines are seedless, simple to peel, and, when fully developed and ripe, are also deliciously sweet to consume.

You may want to share this with your pup but It’s always great to check the facts before giving your dog human food, and it’s fantastic that you care enough to do it!

- Lemons and Limes - Grapefruit - Clementines

Which Citrus Fruits are Safe?

In general, your dog should only need one or two orange segments every day.

How Much and How to Prepare Clementines for Your Dog

Depending on the amount of citric fruit your dog took and any underlying condition, you can make a decision to visit the vet.

What If My Dog Eats a lot of Clementines or Citrus?