Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat? Only Some, Avoid These 3 Killers

When it comes to feeding your pooch with raw meat, there are a lot of factors to consider. Read on to learn more about whether or not it’s safe to feed dogs with raw meat and how to do so safely.


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Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat? Potential Benefits Of A Raw Meat Diet

Dogs can eat raw meat and the potential benefits of a raw diet include improved skin, coat, oral and overall health.  Read on to learn more about it's benefits.

Better Skin And Coat Health

Many advocates of a raw meat diet believe that it can help your dog have healthier skin and a shinier coat than regular dry food. This is based on the belief that raw meat is easier to digest, which means it liberates nutrients faster and better than dry food.

Breath & Oral Health

Raw meat enthusiasts believe that replacing these canned soft foods with raw meat will better engage your dog’s teeth and improve overall dental health. Incorporating raw bones for them to chew is a major aspect of excellent canine oral wellness.

Raw Meats Can Help Improve Certain Health Conditions

Many people believe that a raw food diet can help dogs suffering from certain conditions such as diabetes and heart problems. However, there is still limited research to support these claims.

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