Can Dogs Eat Tofu or Not? What Science Says



Tofu is a bit of strange food. Once upon a time, it was billed as a healthy food that was a great option for those trying to eat less meat. However, there are now several risks being reported involving tofu – and you may be wondering if these also apply to your dog. Today, we will discover if tofu is safe for your dogs to eat.

Can Dogs Eat Tofu?

Unlike most foods, there is not a clear-cut answer regarding dogs eating tofu. It likely shouldn’t be a huge part of their diet. However, it isn’t odd to find tofu in treats or foods. You’ll also find many people arguing for and against tofu in dog food and as a treat.

Tofu Nutrients

Most people know that tofu is very high in protein. Therefore, this fact is often used to argue that tofu is a suitable treat (and food ingredient) for dogs. However, the plant-based protein in tofu is not the same as meat-based protein. While it does contain essential amino acids, that doesn’t mean that your dog can digest them well.

Phytoestrogens in Tofu

Tofu is known for containing phytoestrogens. These chemicals are connected to estrogen receptors in the body. In this way, they make the body think that there is more estrogen in the body than there actually is. As you can imagine, this can lead to several issues (potentially).

Potential Hazards with Tofu Consumption

We do know that dogs can become allergic to soy. Because tofu is made out of soy, it may trigger an allergic reaction in dogs that are allergic to this substance. Often, signs of food allergies in dogs aren’t what you’d expect. Excessive scratching is the primary symptom, for example.


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