Can Mice Swim?

Mice are interesting mammals that have many surprising capabilities when it comes to travel. They can climb walls and easily get upstairs in your home, and they can scamper around so fast that many people barely notice them.

However, that doesn’t mean that they can do everything that other rodents and mammals can do. That’s why we have to ask the question, can mice swim?

Can Mice Swim?

Mice are very adept swimmers that are capable of crossing waterways and treading water for hours or days at a time. Their bodies are light and have relatively thick fur, so they can survive swimming in less-than-ideal conditions.

Should I Make My Pet Mouse Swim?

Even though mice can swim, it may not be a good idea to let your pet mouse swim. Several potential issues exist with having pet mice swim.

Where Will I Find Mice Swimming?

Pools You can certainly find mice in a large pool. They might climb into the water for a drink or think that they have to cross the water. The downside is that mice often die in pools because they can’t get out of them.