Cat Mating Season:  When Do They Breed?

A queen is the name for a female cat, while their male suitors are toms. If you’re the parent of a pet cat, it’s important to know what age they sexually mature and when the season for mating begins.

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Whether you’re considering a pet cat, want to know how to avoid pregnancy for your pet, or are just curious, read on to find out all about cat mating season. When do cats breed?

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When is Cat Mating Season?

Cat mating season is nearly year-round, with peak breeding occurring in early spring through summer. 

The Cycle of the Queen

The queen or female cat goes into periods of receptiveness to mating called estrus, or heat cycles. 

Cat Mating Season Behavioral Changes 

During mating season, both queens and toms will be anxious to get outside more often. 


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