Cayenne Pepper vs. Paprika: What’s the Difference?



Today, we will compare the cayenne pepper plant with paprika so that you can fully understand the differences between these two culinary staples.

Cayenne Pepper vs. Paprika: Plant Classification

Cayenne Pepper: Capsicum annuum Paprika: Varies, but primarily made up of types of Capsicum annuum peppers

Cayenne Pepper vs. Paprika: Description

Cayenne Pepper: Typically reaches up to 4 feet tall with plain, green leaves. Produces small white flowers and bright red peppers. Paprika: Varies, given that paprika is made up of many different pepper plant varieties. However, the powder is typically red or orange in color, and the peppers used in paprika production have thin skin.

Cayenne Pepper vs. Paprika: Uses

Cayenne Pepper: Used in many culinary capacities, including use as a powdered spice and whole pepper. Paprika: Used in many culinary capacities, only ever in powdered form.

Cayenne Pepper vs. Paprika: Origin and Growing Preferences

Cayenne Pepper: Native to North America; prefers hot, full sun and moist soil. Be sure to not overwater Paprika: Native to North America; varies depending on the pepper plants used to make paprika, but likely enjoys full sunshine


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