10 Animals That Laugh

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according to a 2020 study published in the journal Bioacoustics, there are around 65 animals that laugh during playful activity.

Given this gut-busting revelation, we thought it worthwhile to tickle your funny bone by presenting you a list of animals that laugh.

The kea is a large parrot species from the South Island of New Zealand. Known as highly intelligent and curious birds, and frequently engage in playful behavior.

#10: Kea Parrot

Of all the marine mammals, dolphins seem like the only ones who really know how to cut loose and laugh.

#9: Dolphin

both wild and captive chimpanzees laugh when engaging in playful behavior. Unlike a human laugh, chimpanzees typically pant heavily when laughing.

#8: Chimpanzee

it should come as no surprise that elephants also count among the list of animals that laugh. Elephants frequently engage in playful behavior and may jostle or play tricks on one another.

#7: Elephant

The Australian magpie is a medium-sized black and white songbird from Australia and New Guinea. they mimic human speech, it also laughs during play.

#6: Australian Magpie