Cockroach Milk: Yes, This is a Real Thing — But Why?

The very thought of it is enough to make many people’s stomachs turn, but just what is it? And why would anyone want to drink milk that comes from a cockroach?

Here, we’ll learn more about just what roach milk is, and the species of roach it comes from. Let’s get to it.

What Is Cockroach Milk?

Cockroach milk is a crystalline, protein heavy ‘milk’ produced by the Pacific beetle cockroach (Diploptera punctata).

Is IT More Nutritious Than Cow Milk?

According to studies, it has up to three times the energy content of cow milk.

Can Humans Drink Roach Milk?

Though studies have shown that cockroach milk is indeed harvestable, no study has yet demonstrated that roach milk is safe for humans to drink.

How Do We Get Cockroach Milk?

In order to harvest roach milk, researchers have to kill a pregnant cockroach and then delicately dissect her to expose the milk crystals in the midgut.