Crows vs Ravens:  5 Main Differences Explained

Crows and ravens are often confused with each other. They are in fact two different species of the genus Corvus, making them both corvids. Let’s make an in-depth comparison in this article!


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Crows vs Ravens: Appearance

In a comparison of size, crows are generally smaller than ravens. However, there are large crows and small ravens. Hence, the best way to distinguish the two is by looking at the appearance of their beaks, wings and tails.

Crows vs Ravens: Habitat

Crows are more social and inhabit human-populated areas such as cities. Ravens prefer wilder areas and the countryside, where there are fewer people.

Crows vs Ravens: Group behavior

Crows tend to socialize in groups, and a group of crows is called a murder. Ravens prefer to be solitary or travel in pairs. Crows help each other raise babies, whereas ravens do not.

Crows vs Ravens: Species

“Crow” refers to any bird of the genus Corvus which includes crows, ravens, jays and magpies. “Raven” is the type species of the genus Corvus, having a larger distribution over the Northern Hemisphere

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