Deinonychus vs Velociraptor: Who Would Win in a Fight?

When most people imagine the Velociraptor, they imagine a group of very “clever” dinosaurs that stand about 6ft tall and hunt in packs, taking on deadly, fictional enemies.

The truth is less exciting, as the feathered dinosaur was not that size or a pack hunter, according to research. However, another dinosaur called the Deinonychus was closer to the movie depiction.

What Are the Key Factors in a Fight Between a Deinonychus and a Velociraptor?

In this case, we need to pay attention to elements of size, attack methods, and defenses.

Deinonychus vs Velociraptor: Size

The Velociraptor was a small dinosaur that weighed between 33lbs and 50lbs, stood about 2.5ft tall, and measured 6.5ft in length including a long tail.

Deinonychus vs Velociraptor: Speed and Movement

Thus, it’s believed that they walked at 6 mph, but they might have run up to 20 mph over short distances.