10 Incredible Moose Facts

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The moose is the largest of the deer family and is also known as elk in other countries.

It is a part of the New World deer subfamily, and mostly inhabits forests and sub-arctic climates in the northern hemisphere.

Since moose reside in the northern hemisphere, they reside in North America, Europe, and Russia.

10. Moose Reside In North America, Europe, And Russia

Moose shed their antlers every winter between mid-November and early March.

9. Moose Antlers Fall Off Every Winter

8. Moose Are Found In Meadows And Forests

Since they feed off aquatic vegetation, they are also commonly found nearby lakes, swamps, rivers, and open water.

Moose feed both on terrestrial and aquatic vegetation. Their diet consists of a wide variety of fruits, nuts, seeds, and plants.

7. Moose Are Herbivores

6. Moose Are Not Very Social

Moose like to live in peaceful solitude, and because of this, they are considered one of the least social animals on the planet.