Discover Animals That Reproduce Asexually

Sexual reproduction is by far the most common method of procreation in the animal kingdom. It’s been estimated that around 99% of all multi-cellular organisms engage in some form of sex.

Asexual reproduction, by contrast, dispenses with the entire business of genetic sorting. Whereas sexually reproducing animals need to spend a lot of time and energy searching for and courting.

#10 Animal That Reproduces Asexually: Sharks

These fearsome marine predators were thought to reproduce entirely through sexual means.

#9 Animal That Reproduces Asexually: Komodo Dragons

This form of asexual reproduction is accomplished through a neat trick.

#8 Animal That Reproduces Asexually: Whiptail Lizards

While hybrids are normally infertile, they can sometimes quickly evolve as a means of asexual reproduction to survive.

#7 Animal That Reproduces Asexually: Aphids

The asexual offspring tends to be genetically identical to the mother, which means all of them are born female.

#6 Animal That Reproduces Asexually: Amazon Mollies

This all-female species of freshwater mollies has evolved a unique form of asexual reproduction.