Discover Animals With the Shortest Lifespan

The lifespan of an animal depends on its habitat, size, food sources, and its defensive capabilities along with other factors. Read on to discover the specific facts connected to each of these nine animals categorized as having the shortest lifespan.

Common Mouse: Three Years

At three or four inches long, the common mouse is adaptable, living in many types of environments. They can live in homes, on farms, in city buildings, or in the woods.

Mosquitofish: One and a Half Years

Female mosquitofish grow to 2.8 inches in length and males reach a length of 1.6 inches. The lifespan of these small fish only goes up to 1.5 years.

Labord’s Chameleon: One Year

Labord’s chameleon has the shortest lifespan of all land vertebrates. They grow extremely rapidly, reach sexual maturity, breed, and then die.

Worker Bee: Eight Months

If any bee can be described as busy; this is the right one. A young worker bee has lots of jobs. It feeds the larvae of bees in the hive, processes nectar, and makes honey.


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